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AA charger for MZ-RH1 & other devices

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I keep plugging the Macally IP-A481 LiIon battery pack. It charges through the USB port of any computer, will plug into the RH1 to 1) charge the battery or 2) act as an additional external power supply. It was reviewed and tested by a Dutch fellow on this board and he estimated that based on his tests the internal LiIon and the Macally IP-A481 would yield enough power to record 20 Hi-MD's in PCM. I do not plan to do that, but sure do like the security it gives me when recording anything, anywhere. It comes in black and is appropriate to the size of the RH1. Apparently designed to work with the goofy iPod it works fine the the RH1.

It is searchable in Froogle and comes in at ~US$35. Way better, for me, that a AA cell eater. YMMV

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Needing something quick, that I could buy retail rather than mail order(so much for planning ahead- I think I'd rather have one of the 4 battery units), I bought an Energizer Energi To Go with the mini-usb connector. Uses 2 AA batteries. Seems to work fine for the several times I've charged my RH1 battery off of it. The AA batteries can be rechargable, but they should be fully charged. If they're not, and less voltage than full, it seems the RHI will not recognize that the unit is attached.

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Plain simple Battery pack for the RH1

Head to Radio Shack or a place that carries Electronic parts and pieces

List : a 4xAA battery holder ( Full container with a Lid type) , a USB circuit board mount plug , a SMALL circuit board (Small enough to fit the empty space of the front part of the Battery Box ) , a 200 Kohm resistor , an 8 ohm resistor , and a 1amp diode

Pin 3&4 get bridged with the 200 kohm resistor

Pin 1 gets the diode ( From the postive terminal of the battery box -> diode->pin1

Pin 4 gets the 8 ohm resistor ( From pin 4 ->8 ohms-> negative terminal of Battery box)

Pin 2 left open

4 AA's = 6 volts . the diode drops .7 volts , you are left with 5.3 volts

200 Kohm resistor sends a small signal current to the Charging sensor of the RH1

The 8 ohm resistor limits the current flow to 750 ma's

Rechargebles will = 4.8 volts , in that case no need for the diode .

You could even wire in a bypass switch so as to use both type of batteries, IE. switch on Diode On , Regular batteries . Switch OFF , Diode Bypassed =Rechargebles

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