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Another conversion problem, from MP3

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I've had 2 MP3's that when converted sound like a tape fast forwarding at high speed. In fact the tracks are over in seconds. This is when they are converted to *.oma and before they are transferred to minidisc. Both mp3's play fine on the computer and on my mp3 players - CD and flash memory based - and from DVD. There doesn't seem to be anything unusual about them, and they are encoded with Lame 3.96 at 192k. It's more of an annoyance than a problem as I generally have two copies, but I wondered if this has happened to anyone else.

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Sorry Daijoubu, I'd missed your reply. I don't really know how to tell which filter is used. I had been using the K-Lite codec pack which installs ffdshow, but I removed that, so I imagine the Windows default is being used again. However, I have had the same problem when converting another track this morning. Also, when I was converting a track last night, the last minute or so of the track after conversion was silence. I deleted it from the library, deleted the oma file, and tried again. This time I got a message that I wasn't allowed to convert that track. The rest of the tracks from the same album are fine, and I can convert them as often as I want. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

Edit: I downloaded a program called DirectShow Filter Manager and the entry for Mpeg Layer-3 Decoder says it's Fraunhofer.

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This is getting stranger by the day. I have some mp3's ripped from CD or from vinyl as one big file as the tracks run into each other. Today I transferred 3 of them to minidisc using SS 4.0, and they are silent from about half way through. I then used the cue file, which was created when ripping them, to cut them into tracks. I imported and transferred the tracks and every single one plays OK.

My first thought was that SS was having problems converting from mp3 to oma at the point where there is silence between the two halves of the album. However, I inserted 20 seconds silence into a different track and it converted and played OK.

Trying to track down what is happening here is driving me mad. I even installed a basic version of XP Pro with next to nothing in it except my file manager and SS 4.0

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I'm becoming more and more confused by the minute. I thought I'd take your tip and transcode them with Lame 3.97 - they were originally encoded with 3.91 - and reencode the originals and the new ones to see if I could see any difference in both the mp3's and the atracs. This time the originals play OK. Hmmph! I think this is going to be difficult to pin down.

A440 has sent me a link to SS 3.4, so I am going to have a play with that and with transcoding and see if I can come up with something reliable. Looks like it's going to be mostly suck it and see though. Good job I have plenty of time on my hands. :)

Thanks for the tip, and to all who replied to both threads, and if I come up with anything specific for the cause, I'll report back, but don't hold your collective breath.

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SonicStage 3.4 works fine so far on everything that failed before. Also decoding to wave before importing into SonicStage 4.0 or 3.4 works OK.

If I just convert to atrac without transferring to MD in both versions, they play OK on the PC. However, even after converting first and *then* transferring in SS 4.0, then part of at least two of them is silence, so it would seem to be a SonicStage problem rather than a codec one, unless I am misunderstanding something along the way.

I have no idea what is happening or why, but I seem to have a solution, albeit with an extra step, but since it doesn't happen every time, I'm happy.

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