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  1. What's your direct show filter for MP3 playback? Windows's default Fhg? ffdshow? mpg123dsf? Other?
  2. There's a bug when you try to install it over previously installed SS I've fixed it and made a couple of small change to the installer, v. 1.13 It will be up soon, by the meantime, make sure to uninstall SS first
  3. The irony Looks like the version comparaison script needs fixing I will take a look
  4. Please manually remove SonicStage 3.2 first
  5. Maybe it's related to the checkout mode found in OpenMG? The MDCF installer use the Canadian version
  6. I think you pressed next too quickly, when it install SonicStage, it ask you where you want to put it However, you cannot touch the rest (OpenMG and all)
  7. You can download the installer here, install it then you'll find an uninstaller http://f23.aaa.livedoor.jp/~kanetuki/dlcou...count.cgi?f=1_5 I can't see how is this happening, did you change the mpg123dsf config?
  8. The installer install everything found in the web installer ini and in the same order and the same command line, I really don't know what's happening
  9. Those who cannot seem to get thier Hi-MD identified, is it detected by windows? Is SSScsiSV.exe (SonicStage SCSI Service) and SSAAD.exe (SonicStage Atrac Hard Disk Monitor) running in the background? Make sure you install it using an administrator account too Sorry, I can't be much help since I don't own any HiMD unit
  10. You may want to try an alternative MP3 decoder (if your "CD" is in this format) mpg123dsf: http://f23.aaa.livedoor.jp/~kanetuki/download.html Direct link Should be a little bit faster since it use a tad bit less CPU IIRC
  11. Please remember to uninstall at least your older version of SonicStage manually It should be fine with OpenMG though
  12. Make sure your HiMD is NOT connected while the drivers are being installed The drivers are found @ C:\Program Files\Sony\Personal Audio Driver But anyhow, I won't recommend installing SS on any VAIO
  13. All installations of SS comes with all the drivers...
  14. Actually, the full installer here on MD.org is the Canadian version No connect
  15. I will be compiling a new one and since there are so many threads...I need your feedback here So far I know it's been problematic dealing with WMP 10, asking you to install that WMP9Codecs I will also make another one totally offline, bundled with DirectX as per kurisu request What else is there to change/fix?
  16. It does look like to be ffdshow, disable MP3 support like bug80 said
  17. Sorry for all the troubles, we should have made further testing I'm busy atm, I will take a look tomorrow night if I have time!! Sorry for any inconvenience, it's beta after all
  18. I got the CD, so many languages on it...
  19. They soleny runs on the AA The NetWalkman Psyc doesn't even come with an AAA, necktrap nor printed manual
  20. Psyc NetMD http://news.sel.sony.com/pressrelease/5679 [Click to enlarge!]
  21. I beleive you need to enable "ShowTitleHalf" in the registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\SonicStage\PD ShowTitleHalf = 1 Unit/remote should be able to display katakana(/hiragana?) and store kanji without problem To display kanji however, you'll need a remote ending with a "K"
  22. nah, just need to run InstallShield uninstallation routine (like in add/remove)
  23. Mine check for it and download the right packages (if needed) The only thing left to add would be SS2.3 uninstallation As for MP3 decoding, most OS (since 98SE? anyway) should have MP3 decoding, I'm including mp123 Direct Show Filter anyway 22.7MB now (include InstMsiA for 9x/Me, rest are version checked and downloaded off M$ website if needed) Seems to work fine on XP, need a couple of testers with older OSes
  24. You can get an Chaintech AV-710 for cheap, excellent stereo card/optical (great 7.1 card too) Comes with TOSLINK to 3.5mm mini-TOSLINK adaptor and a optical fiber too http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=SC-710 http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....-120-103&depa=0
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