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Weird behavior from Mozilla Firefox

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Several days ago, on two different days, I noticed a yellow "downloading updates" icon in my system tray. It went away...never received a notice to reboot to update my system. But then for the past several days, Firefox did not display some (but not all) web sites properly, like these forums. Lost all frames and formatting.

Clicked Check for Updates in the Firefox Help menu...it announced that there were no updates (it was running FF 1.5xx). Went to the Firefox home page where 2.0 is now available, downloaded/installed, and all is well again.

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I fear that some of those scanning programs actually contain some spyware you don't know about. Maybe it was caused by a firefox extension?

Now that you mention, it could have been a firefox extension. During the installation of FF v.2 I was alerted to the presence of an incompatible (i.e. corrupt?) extension from the prior installation (can't remember what it was), and presented with an opportunity to install a current, compatible extension which I did.

I periodically run Ad-Aware and SpyBot and while I admit to a teensy bit paranoia about them, I figure if there were something sinister behind them, I would have probably read about it by now.

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