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Ok, so now, the BIG question...

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I am thinking of getting a new minidisc player finally and I remember posting in the forums here last year, about November about a particular problem I had regarding the recording function on the minidisc player I had/have. The recording stopped because of the faulty ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard of the player had broken/snapped due to stress(?). I am thinking of purchasing an MZ-RH1 and my BIGGEST question is: does the MZ-RH1 suffer from the SAME problem? Does it have the SAME ribbon cable setup/layout as the Player I have? (that, as I type this, sits in a dark and cold compartment with all the original parts....) If so, then chances are, it will suffer the SAME exact fate over time as the player I currently have and I really don't wish to waste money in that fashion, seeing as minidisc players are potentially, to me, the best portable audio players out there :). Thanks for any and all input.

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You forgot to mention that your machine was an MZ-N1.

I don't own one so I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about with regard to the ribbon cable, but I can see a small ribbon cable when I look inside my RH1.

Having said that, I look at these forums quite regularly and can't recall any recent posts about the problem you had.

I guess that at the end of the day you'll have to decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk. Or you just buy an Ipod and hope it isn't one of those whose battery fails just outside the warranty period.

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All devices with some mechanical parts will eventually fail after some time (and even flash memory can fail).

The MZ-N1 was actually notorious for this failure.

The MZ-RH1 is less than one year old, so hopefully not too many people have trouble with the unit, but time will tell ...

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I wouldn't let this small problem affect me decision on buying a new DAP. Take the iPod for example, you risk the harddrive failing on you, you also risk being unable to replace the rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Flash based players suffer from memory loss, as you use it more and more the capacity slowly decreases for no apparent reason. I guess what I'm saying is, if you don't go with MD you will also encounter a bunch of problems with other solutions. But it's your choice, since I personally wouldn't like it if my ribbon cable broke too.

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Actually, the topic is here:


As you can see, i wasn't the only one :). They weren't recent posts, but i thought it was something to consider before buying a new MD player.

I had an N1 with that problem. It hasn't stopped me from buying more MD units. But, it did leave me a little paranoid with my current recorders so that's why I've also purchased player-only models to hopefully reduce wear and tear on those recorders. On the other hand, there are still some N1 users out there whose units still work 100%.

If you get the RH1 and still worry about it crashing like your N1, you can always get a player-only unit (or a lower-costing unit) later on to compliment it and share the workload. Good luck!

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