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  1. If you live in the UK, you could try this site. However, the total price including VAT is 53.95 UKP (around 80 USD), and they want another 13UKP for shipping. I may have to give in eventually, but I really resent having to pay this sort of money for a relatively basic battery.
  2. Jim Hoggarth may be your man. I say "may" because although he is an expert with MD, (he's fixed one of mine) be despises the RH1 because of its poor quality construction, and you may have to spend some time coaxing him to have a look at it. Have a look at post #12 on
  3. PandaBall - you may be able to recover your recording by cloning a disc using a MD deck. Have a look at this link for instructions: http://www.minidisc.org/cloning_procedure.html
  4. I agree it's a lot of money, but several RH1s have sold on UK eBay recently in the region of 240 - 250UKP (around 300 euros) so maybe he's not being too unreasonable.
  5. You could try the number here: http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/contacts/dna
  6. Looking at recent auctions in the UK there seems be a wide variance in the selling prices - ranging from 20UKP to 150UKP. (http://www.ebay.co.uk/csc/i.html?_sacat=See-All-Categories&_from=R40&_nkw=MZ-NH1&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc) Personally, I think you've got a bargain if you can pick one up for around 60 -70UKP (assuming it's in good condition)
  7. If you're prepared to pay around 50UKP, you can currently buy this one on ebay. I bought one a while ago for around 40UKP, and I think you'd be lucky to find either a new one or a good condition second-hand one for less than that.
  8. Do a Google search under "Images" for "sony_hk_timeline"
  9. You will find the manual here. From memory, there's no way you can initiate a recording from the remote. However the earlier models (including the N1) had a nasty feature where they started recording over what was already on the disc by default rather than continuing where the recording ended. You can change that - have a look at Page 33. To protect the disc, slide the tab inwards.
  10. I've just contacted the seller. He says there are about a dozen slip cases; the rest are the ones you want
  11. You're not wrong. And how can a man with as much MD equipment as you NOT have an NH1? IMHO, one of the most beautiful portable MDs, and in my experience one of the more reliable.
  12. I may be wrong on this, but wasn't he referring to recording level? EDIT: Just found it - have a look
  13. What on earth have you done to that poor machine???!!!
  14. Deleted (should have checked more carefully before posting!)
  15. Deleted (should have checked more carefully before posting!)
  16. As far as I'm aware, the Starter edition lacks certain features, but shouldn't affect your ability to run programs which work under other versions of W7. Here's a list of what it won't do: The last one means you won't be able to run Simple Burner. Having said that, I have W7 Pro 64 bit, and I can't get it to run at the moment!
  17. Actually I forgot to include some more. After the mechanical issues he goes on to the "cosmetic" ones:
  18. There's an RH1 currently on ebay (UK) with the following description: The vendor then follows this tale of woe with the comment:
  19. For those with a lot of time on their hands, here is the main discussion (Although I'm sure there were others)
  20. There have been discussions about this before, and I'm pretty sure the general conclusion was that there was very little difference after the tweak had been applied, especially compared to the possible damage that might be done by messing about with service mode. I don't know if I'm missing something here, or perhaps it's because I'm one of the oldies here and my hearing is already a little damaged, but I never find it necessary to listen on headphones at the maximum volume. With the RH1 the volume control goes up to 30; I'd say that it's very rare for me to listen above 20. If you are listening at full volume, then I hope you don't end up with tinnitus like me.
  21. On a similar theme (but still rather off-topic) there's an Australian band called Tame Impala whose singer sounds amazingly like John Lennon.
  22. I did get it working for a while running Virtual XP. Currently Simple Burner can see the MD; it recognises the CD and gets Gracenote to retrieve the details, but it then tries to carry out a check on the read functionality of the CD drive and this fails every time. I've tried it with different CDs and both the CD drives in my PC, but without success. It's frustrating to be so near, yet so far away. Any ideas Stephen?
  23. I wonder whether the gap of 5 years and ten months between the last two posts is a record for this forum!!
  24. Have a look at this in-depth article which among other things compares it with the Sharp MT831. He's also done some excellent reviews of the N1, N10, R909 and R900, as well as several Sharp models.
  25. That's because that section of the settings screen is for transfers TO MD, not the other way round.
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