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Like the subject line reads, does anyone trade the old style MD discs any more?

depends on my mood;; but i may be up for an MD trade which i have only done once..

it's hard to trade with someone from "Unknown";; like from "Unknown, Alaska" possibly..

i am not really a "Trader" but my life is boring lately and a trade may kick bu**..

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perhaps you may want to PM me;; i am not limited to just music;; and,, i LOVE to re-mix things (songs,, videos;; sound clips;; home videos-to-background videos) for ppl;; preferabbbly from these minidisc boards.. (basically i HATE doing anything "Normal"..!!)

it's hard to find ppl here where i live that like and understand our likes and dislikes..

i find the musical and total tastes of MDCF etc on a parallel plain to mine;; and even if i don't agree;; i find everything fasinating and "Makes me Tnink"..

the more i "think" the more i create;; and that can be an advantage to a few ppl..

i love sound clips;; and making mixes out of them;; i Love layering anyting to anything;; and i Love Southpark,, Family Guy;; and West Side Stories..

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I think I'd love to hear one of your mix MDs; you've got an eclectic taste but of quality, and when it's not edgy enough you make it good, so yeah, I'd be nice to hear some stuff.

PM me;; see what we can do;; IF i make a REMIX/MIX for anyone;; they usually have to send me a copy of their songs/etc so i can edit them and make the mixes..

it's rather unique and the PRE-Master stays on an MD usually cut up into 50 to 100 pieces (the edits,, not the disc;; lol.. and the "Master" on a DVD-R (which can pop out MD copies on my Sony CD/MD Deck like pancakes on a Sunday morning..)

oh,, sunday morning is "Quality time with my wife two cats";; i have to amuse them so as not to wake her up too soon..

i actually have a "Cat-MD" that has all linds of unusual and usual Animal sounds to keep the cats occupied & scared.. they weem to like my haunted house MD's and excentric sound efc CD-R's the best..

Back OT::

if the music you send me is music i don't have;; i usually concider that THE trade;; and you get a great re-mix of it..

if it's music i already have;; then a trade is a-la-mode ???? aprapo (sp) ???? - in order ?? mmmm,, yes,, ok..!!

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