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Can you "wear out" a minidisc?

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I have a blue Sony minidisc that I got in the color packages, it has been re-recorded numerous times (could be 100).

Anyway it skips and drops out roughly 10 minutes in, and then stops cold.

I erased it and tried again with the same problem. It's the first Sony disc that wore out, the Memorex ones wore out fast, after 10 or so recordings.

I just wonder if anyone else has "worn out" a minidisc.

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i record a radio program almost daily and the disc wouldn't record anymore. but yeah of cuz u can wear out a MD. nothing lasts forever. but that's the beauty of the minidiscs, they're cheap.

Yeah I tried that, no scratches or dirt.

If your discs are becoming unusable after 10 times, I would be wary of something inside the unit scratching the surface of the disc during recording.

That was only with the cheap Memorex discs I got, they were different colors like the Sony, but did not come in individual cases, instead they were 5 to a case. They were cheaper than the Sonys, and I figured they'd be of decent quality, but boy was I wrong! The SONY discs have had few problems OTOH. Most of the discs are over 3 years old and have had few problems, with the one exception.

Memorex has always given me trouble, from back when their cassette tapes jammed, often on the first recording.

The memorex discs came in a package like this, except they were different colors:


The Sony ones I use came in a package like this:


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Wearing out Minidscs? I thought Sony marketed them as recordable 1000's of times!

I have minidiscs that go back to 1996. They are still working and I have recorded nots of material on many of them many times. I have a disc that has had about 90 full discs recordings on it from radio broadcasts that I time shifted in 1998. I used a home deck that I got in 1996 too. It is still working, it does turn it self on a lot however.


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I've only ever had one MD go bad and it was a cheap looking purple disc that I got when I bought my HIMD used. It caused some problems for me and the seller apparently. I haven't had a problem since I got rid of that one disc. I was so used to believing that MD's didn't quit that I didn't even try switching discs for a while. When I did switch the problem cleared up.

Still I've had MD's a long time and I've only had one go bad and I have quite a few of the cheap ones that came with my HIMD too. None of them have gone bad yet that I know about. I've recorded on the same discs many times too. I just haven't had any problems at all in this area.

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I have had one disc that had a bad spot on it, this was one of the sony original 60min discs that were made. The disc would fail to record over a specific point on the disc so I would loose 2 seconds of audio with the rest before and after being fine. Checked the disc for dirt etc and found none.

Funny thing is that it only did this on my old MD equipment. When I got my Hi-MD I used the disc again in both MD and Hi-MD mode and it worked correctly with no problems.

Some discs I have found work better in some recorders than others, try using discs that you find "iffy" in a different recorder to see if they just dont like each other.

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In the 10 years or so I've had MDs, the only problems were with Memorex discs that would exhibit dropouts and whose shutters would fall off, and occasionally a dropout or two on a Sony colors disc. Otherwise, a very reliable medium compared to non-enclosed discs like CDs.

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