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Too many files to back up

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So I have a lot of files (music, photos, .docs, etc) and I need a safe place to store them. I've had so many problems with CD-Rs becoming corrupt, or DVD-Rs having a "cyclic redundancy error" that I need a better more reliable way to store information. Should I just print off all my Docs, make hard copies of my pictures, and transcribe all my music ;)

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You need to identify why your CDR's & DVD-Rs are having problem. Could be...Bad media, bad drive, bad data or bad storage. I've CDR's that are almost 10yrs old and still work fine. Theres nothing wrong with the media in the short term. As a general rule though you should have your backups on more than one type of media.

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Concerning advice given in two previous posts above -- recommending archiving on DVD-RAM -- this media seems very hard to get on the web or in stores.

Can anyone give advice on a particular brand, the Maxell DVD-RAM 4.7 GB 3x Rewritable Disc with Jewel Case Mfr# 636070.

B&H Photo has these discs for $4.95 but you must buy 50, and there is no discount. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...&sku=375951

Oddly enough, two of my three local Wal-marts have 3-packs of these discs, in jewel cases, for $9.97. The packaging looks the exact same as the B&H but each contains three discs instead of one. One Wal-mart has one 3-pack on the shelf and the other store has 10.

Are there any negatives to these Maxells in regard to archiving files from SonicStage? Does anyone have any other recommendations, brand-wise or website-wise? If not, I would like to pick up a few of these 3-packs.

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