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I will Start it , Post here your collections of RECORDERS ONLY , if it doesnt CAPTURE it doesnt go here.

In This pic

  1. Kenwood,DMC-F5R
  2. SonyMZ-R50
  3. Sony MZ-B10
  4. Sony MZ-RH1
  5. Boss MicroBR
  6. Sony ECM-23F3 Condenser Mic
  7. Sony ECM 360 Condenser mic
  8. Sony ECM 959a Stereo Condenser Mic
  9. AudioTechnica AT-822 Stereo Condenser Mic
  10. Tascam 424 only because it is way Smaller than my 2488
  11. and of course the MacBook


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I assume we're talking portable stuff. I suppose this list should include my:

1. Panasonic PV-GS250 video camera (it will capture sound of course - it has a mic jack)

2. Canon Optura 30 video camera (same setup as above)

3. Sony MZ-R70

4. Sony MZ-N505 (line in jack only but with my sensitive mics it will record well)

5. Sony MZ-NHF800

6. iriver IFP-890 X 2

7. Nady CM-2S mic

8. Rode VideoMic

9. Giant Squid omni lav mic X 2

10. Sony ECM-MS907 mic

11. Aiwa CM-S20 mic

12. Aiwa HS-J470 cassette recorder walkman

13. all of my various still digital cameras record audio of some type but the quality isn't good

14. my cell phone also records low quality audio

15. HP 2500 series laptop computer (I forget the exact model #)


OK here's my photo. I didn't include all of my cameras since I was using one to take the photo and my wife has the other one with her. They don't record audio well anyway. There are also voice recorders around somewhere that belong to my kids but they seem to have abandoned them so I could claim them. :)


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OK. You just have to explain things to the slower members of the class. :) I'll try to post my pic tonight. My son has the laptop at school with him right now so I'll substitute his instead. He also has one of the IFP's so maybe I'll just clone the one in Photoshop so it looks like 2. :)

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