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Best NetMD player?

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i already have a sony mzr55 but have noticed that the charging input (the yellow hole - yes i know, very technical :) ) is damaged meaning i cannot connect the ac power supply to it...

i want to start making live recordings and it seems that the hi md are all the rave. i know they can transfer much quicker than other MD players but i don't want to spend that much, plus, im happy to have to do the transfers in real time.

i have a Creative Audigy Audio Processor sound card - when i got my computer, it was the best upgrade i could get at the time via dell. im not sure if there is an exact model for it, i will have to double check. would this soundcard be good enough to do the transfers?. does it have the inputs necessary for doing transfers?.

i see that on ebay you can get net md players pretty cheap so, if anyone could give me some advice on the best ones to look out for i would appreciate it



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There's plenty of choice, though you'll normally have to look on eBay etc for second hand bargains. My personal favourites are the Sony MZ-N707 and N910, which are my last two Net-MD only units, having moved into the Hi-MD world. Both going strong despite plenty of battering.

It's probably best just to avoid the lowest-end of the market, as the cheaper ones may not be so robust. For Sony these are these are usually the ones with 4 or 5, eg. MZ-NE410, or with a D in the name, eg. N420D which are downloaders only, ie. can't record realtime.

Hope that helps.

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My personal favourites are the Sony MZ-N707 and N910, which are my last two Net-MD only units, having moved into the Hi-MD world.

Those are not "Net-MD-only" since both the N707 and N910 have mic/line/optical input. "NetMD" means that music is transferred from PC to MD via USB. The N707 and N910 are "MDLP" units, meaning they can record/playback in SP, LP2, LP4 = non-Hi-MD formats.

goldenbreast: You should definitely have a look at the MDCF equipment browser if you haven't already.


It's overwhelming, but there's some good information in there if you're going unit hunting on eBay.

If you want to do real-time transfers, you'd have to look for units with line-in and/or optical-in, so definitely avoid anything with the words "downloader" (like Borat also suggested) or "player" in their descriptions. Downloaders can only transfer via USB; and players, well, they just play (lol), no recording function. For real-time transfer and non-Hi-MD (MDLP), you could go with an N510 (it's "hackable," just look up the signature of the MDCF member, "RobShaz," for some really detailed info), N505 (also hackable), or N707 (also hackable, I think) for your stated needs.

If you and your budget will allow it, you should also check out the NH700. It's Hi-MD, but can also do what you need and it's one of the more affordable, all-around Hi-MD units.

Good luck.

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