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Fair Warning on overloading at mic-in

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I mistakenly plugged a set of mics with a battery box into mic-in and did not catch it until I was into the set. I had backed off the volume to what looked like a 10 - 12dB headroom. The files when examined in a audio editor show flat tops (brickwalling?) even though the meters show plenty of headroom for mic-in. I am guessing that the meters measure what is at the internal amp not what is at the pre-amp. The pre-amp seemingly overloaded, brickwalled and passed a clipped signal on to the internal amp. This is my guess. Maybe it was passing it to the ADC. At any rate, be warned. The meters may not always tell the whole truth.

Cheers B)

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I have noticed that, when using a level setting of 10/30 or lower at the mic-in, you lower the signal, but not the distortion of the overloaded preamp, which makes the 0-10 range kind of useless. What was your level setting?

9 or 10. I tried both. I should have been coming in through line-in. It looks like the meter read what is happening at the amp stage so it is not neccessary to switch from one reading to another when the input is different. I am guessing. Verdaemte Reisfressers. LOL

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