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Weird TOC Writing

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Unit MDS-JE510

Not too much used. Working flawlessly until... now.

Situation 1: Recording new recently purchased blanks is OK. Discs can be recorded, erased, edited, recorded again. No issues. Everything's OK.

Situation 2: Discs recorded (only once or twice) years ago and stored on a shelve. Rarely played. Can be played perfectly on several decks. Can be erased, edited, re-recorded on several decks but no on the MDS-JE510!!! Weird situation!!! When erased, edited or re-recorded on the MDS-JE510 the music is recorded and can be played without ejecting the dics, but when TOC writing the TOC is corrupted and all I get is a blank disc or a TOC read error. Remember, this TOC error doesn't happen with new blank discs. :scratchhead:

I'm amazed...

Any ideas? Thanks.

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