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Battery Replacement MZ-N10

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I would like to replace the battery in my N10, because the battery barely stays fully loaded for a couple of minutes. I found a passage about battery removal in the manual [ http://minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_mzn10_manual.pdf ]; anyway the instructions given are in order to remove the battery and then dispose of the minidisc, which isn't quite what I had in mind. Or is it the same way to just replace it anyway?

An what about buying new batteries? I found this offer on Ebay 1) and I'm not quite sure, if it's a good idea to buy those things over Ebay; has anybody got any experiencies on that? Or are there even other types of batteries around, which last longer?

1) http://cgi.ebay.ch/SONY-3WMB-Akku-fuer-MD-...1QQcmdZViewItem

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