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I am a entry level user, need some education

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Hello,masters. I am a new one here and I would like to hear some advices from you.

I bought my MD about 3 years ago and I really love it. I bought about 50 blank discs and used all of them. However, I do not know how long a portable MD player normally lasts. Therefore, I tried hard not to use it too frequently recently. The worse thing is that I can hardly get a portable MD player in US now.

The other issue is if I should stick to MD format? I like it very much however it seems that its creator SONY already abandoned it. I am struggling now... I am thinking to get a Sony MDS-JE480 recently. That one is the only one that I can find in US stores.

Anyway, just want you tell me if my 3 years old machine can stay another 3 years if I only use it to play back for upto 2 hours everyday. And if it is worthy to buy that Sony deck?

Thanks a lot.

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My young padawan ,...... The Source is with you , and May your MD last for your progeny . My R50 Lasted 10 years of abusive use ( Not physical abusive , just Over usage)

Ther are ways of getting a portable if your willing to accept conditions , and many here would help ( including me )

Shipping from other countries can be a little expensive , so that would fall upon you to recprocate or , be able to trust and pay in advance .

#1 , Know what you want , what model or Model's , and condition , "Used" has catagories. There is also New , or "New to You "

#2 , be Patient and willing to cooperate , The MD community is fairly Tight knit among certain members , who act as Vangaurds of the community .

#3 , Partipate in the Board , so that members can know you and would therefore be more willing to assist .

That being said .............. I Introduce "Hardoff"


Have a look .

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