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FS: RH910 and Tons of Extras

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Well, now that I have my Sony PCM-D50, I don't need 2 Hi-MDs for the hot swap at 94 mins. So, I want to offer a great package deal on my trusty RH910 Hi-MD with tons of used blank Hi-MDs, a few MDs, some cases, a non-LCD remote, carry bag (MDCASE3) along with all the included accessories with the RH190 (manual, battery, USB cable, headphones).

In the package:

1. Used RH910 Hi-MD (some scratches on front glossy but otherwise in great shape and fully functional with no known issues)

2. 11 used Hi-MD blanks with 2 soft 5 MD cases

3. 9 used MD blanks with 1 hard MD case

4. 1 New Hi-MD blank

5. Extra battery carrying case for gumstick

6. MDCASE3 carrying bag (great for keeping the RH910 protected)

7. Wired Remote (it came with my RH10 but I have the fancy RM-MC40ELK with LCD readout that I am keeping for my RH10).This remote will take the RH910 out of pause+record if you are stealthing and don't want to take the HI-MD out in the open, you can just use the remote (it also has a hold lock and will control the Hi-MD unit even if the Hi-MD is in hold lock).

8. Everything that shipped with the RH910. I got it from Sony Style back in spring 2005 and it has been my back-up unit and treated very well in a smoke free home.

Here's some pictures below of the package. I really want this to go out as one deal. I would like to get $200 plus shipping for the whole deal. Shipping and paypal charges will be extra, we can negotiate on that.




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