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my 600d frequency response not up to 20k

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i have a 600d hi md north american model player only unit. the unit seems to have a easy to notice missing hi end the eq adjustments do not improve the sound. i know the unit is not broken. i am just wondering since the eq highest band settiog is only 10khz if that means the unit tops out around 15khz or something i have several other portable md units. the have a much better hi end using them attached to my receiver at home or using the same set of headphones. has anyone else noticed this. this happens even when using pcm mode. i just want it to sound the way it should.

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I am in Europe so have the MZ-NH600 model (line in). I have just done a crude frequency response (sine test disk, FFT on scope) and the -3db point from a 0db reference at 10KHz is at 20 KHz. No EQ. LP2 mode.

The MZ-NH600 sounds great to my ears but not as 'rounded' as the NH1 or RH1. I have noticed audiable differences introduced by different remotes (!) and of course ear buds. However the 600 is my workhorse and I have no complaints.

Best regards


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Hi Wizard,

I had previously done exactly the same tests as you when I first got my MZ-RH1. I was comparing earbuds for quiet listening and for completeness I also compared the various remotes as I had bought a MC40ELK to replace the MC38EL.

I came to the conclusion that the MC38EL sounded best (! gloom) but I have just now repeated the test with the NH600 and I cannot confirm that it is. I was sure that the previous test was conclusive but repeating it now with the lower spec model (and I have just repeated it with the RH1 again ) confirms to me that the differences are not audiable, which makes me feel better about the purchase of the MC40ELK. There are differences between the NH600 and the RH1 audio quality of course but thats a different question.

Sorry to have thrown in a wild herring.


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