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  1. Hi, The best place for blanks and for quick delivery is http://www.discountdiscs.co.uk/ and they have new Hi Md players in stock (NH600). I have used them a lot and they are excellent. They are physically at Unit 18, Town Yard Business Park, Station Street, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 8BF, England Best regards Grf
  2. Hi, I have seen lots of posts about the death of minidisc and wails about the lack of a minidisc deck (apart form Onkyo ). I was wondering if I could suggest what may be a useful portable minidisc addition. I have seen elsewhere the codes for the remote to the minidisc have been decoded as switched resitor values. I also feel that decoding the serial text from the minidisc for display might also be acheived. If this was done, a small box with a large display could be constructed which would be connected in place of the remote and allow the track now playing to be displayed in a large backlit display. It would also allow timed recording of radio programmes (using an internal timer and external infra red control of the tuner). It would also allow remote control of the MD using a 'standard IR' remote from across the room. With an on screen keyboard the titling would be easier than on the current remote. These features would then make the portable MD look more like a deck. What does the list think of this idea? Cheers grf
  3. Hi, Thanks Wizard, I think that many people may have been experiencing the same problem. Two things that you might want to add to the sticky. - You only need turn off the background file AV checking; the intrusion detection SW can still remain active. - If you notice that many of the files stick at 50% complete before you get he error window then there is a fair chance that this AV file checking is causing the problem and causes SB or SS to fail communicating with the MD on USB transfers (they occur during the last 50% of 'progress'). - You need to restart the PC to re-initialise the USB drivers/HW after the fault has occured. I did mention this problem in this forum previously but there were no replies to the post. I think the probabilities that I am the only one effected by this conflict are very low. I have used Kaspersky 6.0 and 7.0 on XP and the problem occurs in both versions. Look forward to the sticky. Best regards MD folks ! Grf
  4. Hi, I have had a similar problem while trying to record from PC to HiMD using simple Burner. I found that the transfer stopped near he end of the first album with the 'error in transferring' flag. It did not occur unil one or two albums had been transferred. The problem was traced to the anti-virus SW running in the background which casually accessed the new disk it found when I connected the HiMD drive. The accesses from the AV SW checking the new files it had found conflicts with the writing of the files by SS or SB. Disabling file anti virus checking solved the problem. Cheers grf
  5. Hi, www.discountdiscs.co.uk has the Sony MZ-NH600 Hi-MD Walkman in silver at 74.95 GBpounds with free delivery to the UK. I am sure that they would deliver abroad but you would have to ring them on +44 (0)1538 399911 to check. Dicount Discs have given me excellent service now and in the past, and I have not seen a better price for this unit. Still looking for the jewel cases though, if anyone does ring, remind them that there is still a need for such items. Best regards Grf
  6. Hi, Thanks for all the great replies. I invested in an heir and a spare for my minidiscs from discount discs and their response was excellent, mailling me when the units were in, before they updated the website. I think we are clearly on the last knockings of the minidisc as we know it, which is why being able to buy new units boxed and sealed is so great. May the RH1 live long and prosper but it is not the ideal bench/pocket model workhorse. A little worrying about the jog dial on the NH600 - has anyone else any experience of having one fail ? Happy rotational-removable-high-quality-media-and-audio-listening everyone, Grf
  7. Hi, Just a quick heads up that www.discountdics.co.uk have the MZ-NH600 workhorse available again even though the website says out of stock. Has anyone found a source for the nice flip open jewel cases for MD blanks? I hate the envelope type and change the case on all my new blanks, but I cannot find a good source for the clear or coloured jewel cases. Can anyone help ? Best regards GRF
  8. Hi Wizard, I had previously done exactly the same tests as you when I first got my MZ-RH1. I was comparing earbuds for quiet listening and for completeness I also compared the various remotes as I had bought a MC40ELK to replace the MC38EL. I came to the conclusion that the MC38EL sounded best (! gloom) but I have just now repeated the test with the NH600 and I cannot confirm that it is. I was sure that the previous test was conclusive but repeating it now with the lower spec model (and I have just repeated it with the RH1 again ) confirms to me that the differences are not audiable, which makes me feel better about the purchase of the MC40ELK. There are differences between the NH600 and the RH1 audio quality of course but thats a different question. Sorry to have thrown in a wild herring. grf
  9. Hi, I am in Europe so have the MZ-NH600 model (line in). I have just done a crude frequency response (sine test disk, FFT on scope) and the -3db point from a 0db reference at 10KHz is at 20 KHz. No EQ. LP2 mode. The MZ-NH600 sounds great to my ears but not as 'rounded' as the NH1 or RH1. I have noticed audiable differences introduced by different remotes (!) and of course ear buds. However the 600 is my workhorse and I have no complaints. Best regards Grf
  10. Hi, Just a quick note to say that I have diagnosed that Simpleburner 2.0 can have the communications to the MD player broken by the Kaspersky software scanning the startup objects which may include scanning USB attached disks. The result is that the recording session aborts and the PC needs to be restarted to reset the USB communications. This was with and ASUS Pundit PC running Windows XP and Kaspersky 6.0. The fix is to suspend Kaspersky until recording is complete. This fault may happen with other anti-virus SW. Best regards Graham
  11. grf

    Way Forward

    Hi, We have all seen the slow demise of an excellent piece of technology from Sony. We all have a soft spot for MD and Hi MD for the reasons which have been often stated on these forums. What sometimes happens in a case like this is that the user-base takes back control of the parts of the technology which would be most beneficial. I do not mean try and manufacture Disks or Recorders but hack the interface to the PC to be able to give us the drag and drop, unlimited file exchange, copy/move/delete without restrictions etc. Not to mention Linux versions etc. I have great respect for the technical abilities of the members here, and I am wondering if any more of the world wide user base is thinking the same or more importantly if anyone has the technical expertise to start the project, recruiting members from this list (and others). I would hate to see the technology we have just wither on the vine without at least a valient attempt to claw back control as Sony turns its back. Are there any supporters for this ? Or are the technical problem too difficult ? Best regards Graham
  12. grf

    Hi MD Dropouts

    Hi, I have experienced drop outs in a similar way to the one you describe. I put it down to poor writing of the data to the disk by the Hi Md laser. When the data is read back the high error rate causes the correction circuitry to mute the audio. I have got around this problem by deleting the faulty track and then re-recording it through the line in of the MD recorder. Why this works better I do not know. I thought it might be due to differences in the write speed in the two methods of laser action producing different resuts when the media is marginal on its write specification. The laser is used to heat (in a very short time) so this might be the reason but the main thing is it worked for me. grf Hi I forgot to metion that I have also had failures in sonic stooge. I have changed the recorder (from RH1 to NH1) and the same disk was burnt successfully. I now have a favourite NH1 which seems to burn disks most reliably. Its all due to heating tolerances on marginal media I am sure . Best regards Grf
  13. Hi, I am sure many of you have spotted the MZ-NH600 for 75 GB beer tokens including p+p at http://www.discountdiscs.co.uk/ I have just weakened and bought one. Super fast delivery (1 day) and a nice (but clunky ) pouch. Great service. As an everyday knockabout machine it is excellent and it does have line in (analogue and digital) as it is the European model. No remote or mic input though. >Just tried the RM-MC40ELK, the 600 seems to drive it correctly as a full 3 line display (unlike the 710) The HiMD blanks are a good price here also. Best regards to the forum. grf
  14. Hi, I have replied to threads like this one before. I have personally purchased batteries from ebay (LIP 4WM) and have not found any problems so far. I have been using the batteries for 6 months continuously in the RH1. My impression is that they are 'factory leakage' from the Chinese factory and they are from the same production line that supplies Sony.... Grf
  15. Hi, I too have a circular depression roughly in the middle of the lable on the back. If this was full of air it would look like a small (5mm) raised bump. grf
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