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Ya know, if you don't do this audio stuff all the time it is really hard. One forgets what's what.

Some time back I mic recorded some sound effects off the Internet. Then transfered to SS.

I had everything set for auto WAV creation.

But, I forgot that SS put the files where I told to it put them.

It has taken me some time to figure it all out again.

During this series of tasks I made a SS audio ATRAC cd. Then, I played it on WinMedia Player. Sounded like crap.

The original was recored in PCM and sounded great on my MZ-NH1.

I'll will test the .WAV's but I think they will be better.

BTW: I use CD BurnerXP, a great burner and free from the web. Version 4.0 is out and it is fantastic. If you haven't tried it do so.


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