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Sony NH3D, EH70, 2x Sony MCELK40 remotes

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I have decided to leave the Minidisc and ATRAC scene for good so all of my goodies are up for grabs here before I list them on ebay. Feel free to contact me or check out my ebay feedback under lamewing. I don't know how to add photos here, but I will be happy to email anyone who wants pics of my HiMD equipment, just send me a PM.

Here is what I am offering and it is being sold as a set:

1. Sony MZ-NH3D Blue downloader NEW condition with MC40ELK remote

2. Sony MZ-EH70 Black player NEW condition

3. Extra MC40ELK remote still in packaging NEW condition

4. 3x Sony blue HiMD discs sealed

5. 10x 80minute TDK WA minidiscs still sealed plus a couple more discs if I can locate them.

6. Metal MD case for single disc

Both units have all the original equipment, batteries, chargers, packaging, etc. I purchased these new from Bland about a month ago thinking that I could get back into the minidisc scene, but I have found that a flash recorder and flash DAP are working just fine.

I am taking offers over the next few days before I list on ebay next week. I accept paypal (and money orders/cashier's checks in the U.S.)and will consider shipping outside the U.S., but the buyer must pay all shipping and import taxes.

I hope to break even on my purchase from Bland and have no intention of profiteering from his effort, so I will not take more than what I paid for these units.

Thank you.


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The EH70 is back up for sale at $130.00 shipped.

Why? Because the buyer backed out and didn't feel a need to show common courtesy and keep me up to date after stating that a money order was being mailed out - a week ago.

I welcome anyone's business, but please only contact me if you are a serious bidder.

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Hey, I purchased the disc's and case from lamewing and I'd like to report that it was an easy and swift transaction. I was offered a fair price for the merchandise which I happily accepted. I'd like to thank lamewing for a great experience and I want to express my condolences on the loss of all your MD items. Long live MiniDisc ! ! Bob :give_heart2: :give_heart2:

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