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  1. Hey everyone, get a load of this ! http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow_viewer/0,12...po%253D4,00.asp
  2. Thanks alot ! ! I've been hoping that someday they would be available for download - That day is now here. Thanks again ! B.I.L.B.
  3. Hi, Welcome to the forum ! Yes, you will be able to upload the tunes to your computer(although I'm not sure about the Mac-I don't have one) as this machine is basically the same as the RH 1(which I own) and I can upload to the computer with mine. Hopefully someone will read your post and be able to let you know about the Mac. Also when you purchase the unit, check to see what version of Sonic Stage comes with it - we have the latest version here at the forum. Good luck with your machine, Bob
  4. Shut Up ! ? No need for that IMHO ! First off, I think your better half should be happy that you found something that makes you so happy. You seem to be going through what every true minidisc fan goes through the first time they purchased , listened to and recorded with a minidisc. I think it's truly fantastic that you found minidisc so late in the game and that you seem to have fallen head over heals for this medium. I have purchased enough MD's (Legacy,NetMD, HiMD and blanks) to last me the rest of my life - I am totally committed to the system until I draw my last breath. I am sure that there are many more people similar to me that fel this way - so welcomr to the ranks ! B.I.L.B.
  5. Hi everyone, I have searched everywhere that I could possibly think to search regarding this topic, but to to no avail. I purchased an RH1 about nine months ago (a Silver RH1) as a spare in case my Black RH1 was ever to fail but the menus and what shows on the remote is in an Asian language. Please can someone help me switch it to all English? I will appreciate any and all help. Happy Holidays to all at the MDCF ! ! B.I.L.B.
  6. Hey, I've been reading this thread for the past half hour or so and I can only come up with one thing to say: HELL YEAH ! I agree with all who say that the Minidisc Player/Recorder is cool, extremely portable, has excellent sound quality and is relatively easy to use. I give kudos to those of us who maintain their strong ties with their mechanical music machines and not getting rid of them in favor of Ipod's and the like. I have always been one to stick with what works (Cassette, Laser Disc, LP's and of course, Minidisc) and what sounds great. I still purchase record albums after all these years not just to use on my turntable, but to record that nice warm sound(pops and clicks included) to Minidisc to take along wherever I go. I will always continue to utilize my Minidisc Player/Recorder until I run out of machines to use and can't find them anymore or they pry my cold dead fingers from around them and will also belong to this forum as a Premiere User until it is shut down because I still look to all of you for your help and expertise. Long Live Minidisc and the MDCF ! !
  7. Chris , although I can understand a bit of suspicion since people tried to rip you off twice, everyone is not out to steal from or scam you. A lot of people today use credit/debit cards as their primary source of payment. On their behalf, if they were to lose or have their card stolen,the credit company and/or bank can be called and immediately have their card number rendered useless whereas cash, if it's lost or stolen - it's just gone. People also have a detailed receipt and every month a detailed statement for their records plus not to mention some people don't have $300 - $400 on hand all the time in case they see something like your minidisc recorder for sale so a credit card comes in real handy even though in the end they may pay a little more, they can pay it off in small increments. And as for the 3% paypal cost, maybe you could add it to the cost before you post it and no-one would be the wiser. I am not you as far as onyone trying to rip me offbut I say give people the benefit of the doubt - not everyone is a thief. Good luck with your sale, Bob
  8. Hey, I purchased the disc's and case from lamewing and I'd like to report that it was an easy and swift transaction. I was offered a fair price for the merchandise which I happily accepted. I'd like to thank lamewing for a great experience and I want to express my condolences on the loss of all your MD items. Long live MiniDisc ! ! Bob :give_heart2:
  9. The transaction that I had with miufahkiu was completed yesterday. I received the Blue RH10 in excellent condition securely packaged in short time. I wish to say this was an easy transaction and miufahkiu was great to work with. I hope that we can possibly do business in the future. Thanks again for a great machine, Bob ( B.I.L.B. ) :thank_you2:
  10. miufahkiu, Got the RH10 yesterday- All seems great. I love the blue color of the player and remote( I've never seen either of them in blue before ). It was nice doin' business with you-hopefuly we can do it again in the future. Thanks alot and have a great New Year !, Bob (B.I.L.B.)
  11. I sent you a message about purchasing this unit. Bob
  12. Received this unit yesterday. Everything seems to be working just great ! I want to thank heavytank for a great deal on a great little recorder. B.I.L.B.
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