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Stereo Mics

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Learned something by accident, broke down and bought a set of stero mics on ebay at a price I couldnt resist. So tried them on my Sharp which I have never been happy with the noise on the mic input and could not believe how nice the recording was. I am talking live recording . Before I had been using Mono mics with adapter to make them stero and boy was the sound lousy. I was looking for a used sony because you guys told me how good the mic inputs are but this week I was really surpised. They are the little sony stero mics.

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I've been pretty happy so far with the quality of my soundprofessionals stuff that I got with my MZ-RH1 a year ago:

SP-BMC-2 Omnidirectional Stereo Microphones with clips (Save $20)

And the battery mic module that I added on:



6 inch output cable; No extra batteries; Standard 2 year Warranty (no charge)

I got some samples of stuff I've recorded on my stand up thread:


I can't seem to find my battery module so I'm wondering what I should get as a replacement. Any suggestions? I saw a DIY here on this forum but I think it's a little too hard for me to follow. I'm not really a handy guy at all.

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