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  1. It's been a long time since I posted in this thread. Since then, I've never really used the MZ-RH1 the way I wanted to. What I've been doing over the years is: - using the mic I got from Giant Squid Audio Lab (http://www.giant-squid-audio-lab.com/gs/gs-micline1.html) - the connection in the mic slot - rec level set to 06 - the mic on my collar near my neck - Minidisc recorder in back pocket The sound will usually be good but the problem is that when audience laughs, the sound will break up. With my Canon HV20 camcorder, I'll use my AT-822 mic. I've never tried to combine the sounds that I got from my minidisc into the video's sound. Lately I've noticed that the sound keeps going in and out like something's loose. I don't know if the mic jack of my RH1 has gone bad or if there's something wrong on the mic's end. I have a show tonight and instead of keeping the minidisc on me, maybe I'll use my AT-822 directly with my MZ-RH1 (Since I Don't have my camcorder on me anyways to record video). Debating on using the Mic (Plug in power) jack and using the Line in (opt) jack instead after seeing this thread: Over the next few days, I'll try and post some samples of recordings where you can hear the crowd getting to loud causing the problems I've mentioned. I'll see if I can find any good recordings that have video to match.
  2. A little off-topic, but relevant to the post I'm quoting... Guitarfxr and me have been going back and forth over PM about my recently purchased AT-822 (btw Guitarfxr, I shot you an e-mail recently as you requested). I was wondering on getting a good windscreen for both outdoors and indoors beacuse my used AT-822 didn't come with anything. I'm planning on using my AT-822 w/ my newly purchased Canon XH-A1. I just ordered the Shock mount I needed and the shoe adapter (that comes with a new AT-822, but unfortunately not the used AT-822 that I bought) from B&H photo and it should be here in a few days.
  3. Please do link guitarfxr. I'm subscribing to this thread.
  4. Thanks for the feedback 1kyle and RainTheory. Let me look into this some more and figure out what the best solution is for me. btw - I just came across this on The unofficial apple weblog but haven't gone through it thoroughly: http://www.tuaw.com/2008/08/13/play-flac-i...with-less-mess/
  5. Thanks for getting back to me guys. I hope my question doesn't take this thread off topic, but while we're on the subject of lossless, I thought I could ask: I have been wanting to get rid of all my CDs for a while now. In the era of mp3 players, its just so much easier going that route. I don't really use my MD for pleasure listening so it's really going to be my iPod and whatever future capabilities that cars will allow for my music needs (My minidisc is for recording purposes). So that being said.. as an Apple user.. what is the best way for me to rip my music to ensure I've captured the most quality that I will not miss my CD when I get rid of it? Any advice or suggestions? Any better threads to check out?
  6. sorry for the stupid question, but what exactly is flac? I've heard about it before.
  7. hey thanks for the advice. I've been wanting to get rid of all my CDs for a while now, but have always wondered what the best way to do it is. I'm mainly a mac guy and have always wondered what the best way to preserve the most quality would be.
  8. I love iTunes for it's music management capabilities and I love iPod for it's ability to sync to my iTunes. I love my MZ-RH1 for my recording needs, but prefer my iPod for my listening needs. However, I personally wouldn't buy an iPod right now. A refresh should be happening in the next couple of months with the latest and greatest features. That's when I plan on getting something better than my 4GB Nano which I got late last year. Definitely planning on getting a Touch so that I can do more than just music w/ my iPod. And I'm praying for some new functionality w/ the Touch - (*crosses fingers) maybe WiMAX?
  9. I'm able to use Hi-MD Music Transfer just fine on my 15" MacBook Pro running Leopard. I also believe I got rid fo the Monitor program ok as I Don't see it in my activity monitor. However, I do see mdworker which is 6.29 MB real memory / 608.92 MB Virtual memory. Is this a minidisc related program?
  10. just out of curiosity, with your MZ-RH1, were you already able to adjust your recording levels? Or did you have to do a tweak similar to what A440 had given me here: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?s=&am...st&p=127344 (I can control recording level fine now, I'm just asking).
  11. wow, did not consider this. I might have to look into this. I took 2 and a half years of Japanese while in College and have been wanting to brush up on my Japanese lately. (Especially if I can take advantage of a mansfield fellowship to go to Japan one day - the Mansfield fellowship is for Federal Employees).
  12. hmm.. haven't had any problems like this with my MZ-RH1, but I'd like to subscribe to this thread in case I ever do have any problems like this. I've had my MZ-RH1 for 1 year and.. (knock on wood).. no problems yet.
  13. I've been pretty happy so far with the quality of my soundprofessionals stuff that I got with my MZ-RH1 a year ago: SP-BMC-2 Omnidirectional Stereo Microphones with clips (Save $20) And the battery mic module that I added on: SP-SPSB-2 SOUND PROFESSIONALS SUPER MINI BATTERY MODULE. MADE IN USA. 6 inch output cable; No extra batteries; Standard 2 year Warranty (no charge) I got some samples of stuff I've recorded on my stand up thread: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=15910 I can't seem to find my battery module so I'm wondering what I should get as a replacement. Any suggestions? I saw a DIY here on this forum but I think it's a little too hard for me to follow. I'm not really a handy guy at all.
  14. wow, I never thought to get an MD cleaner ever. I dont use my unit very often (only every now and then to record important stand up events). I'll keep this in mind though
  15. I keep delaying installing the mac software for the MZ-RH1 on Leopard so I can pull my recordings off. I just downloaded the: HiMDMusicTransfer20.dmg Version : 2.0 Last Modified :07/15/2006 Size : 1.22 MB from: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-downl...36&os_id=24 I'm going to follow sixx's advice and get rid of the Monitor program since it can't be used by Intel machines.
  16. Two things for me got me into the MD world. I've been doing stand-up comedy since March 2002 (check out my YouTube channel youtube.com/R1i ) and after doing it a few times and wanting to start recording stand up. I asked around to other comedians and one of the suggestions was for using a minidisc. and I was just like.. hmm.. really? Then, sometime later, I saw a post on Engadget (my fave tech blog) and there was a mention of the new Sony RH1 along with a jab about the "dead" Minidisc format. And then everyone in the comments section just started going off on the author of that post. And it caught my eye because in going off on the author, the commenters were saying how they were using their minidisc. So I started this thread over here in June 2006: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=15910 and in March 2007, finally purchased the Sony MZ-RH1 along with the SP-BMC-2 Omnidirectional Stereo Microphones and the battery mic module SP-SPSB-2 (SOUND PROFESSIONALS SUPER MINI BATTERY MODULE). A440 & Guitarfxr have been the big helpers to my questions, but the wizard of oz & DrDann have also chimed in.
  17. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm really new to audio production. What would you be looking to do with a professional deck? I myself have my Sony RH1 and am also a mac user. For me, I connect to my Mac via USB whenever I need to drop my audio files onto the computer to edit. So what were you hoping to do differently?
  18. Thanks for the feedback A440. I'll probably try it outon Audacity until I hear of something better and/or easier.
  19. The ultimate advice of this thread (going with Audacity for cutting up files) would carry over to macs too right? I have some earlier, much longer recordings of events that I imported from my MZ-RH1 onto my Mac that are just sitting there. I've been wanting to trim them down to just what I need. Also, kind of a similar question - what about merging files? whenever I record something with my Minidisc, I have it set to automatically mark the track and start a new track after a certain amount of minutes. I'm wondering if that's smart. I'm sure this can be done in Audacity, but is the merge perfect (as in, you would have never known they were separate tracks?)
  20. Not yet Guitarfxr, but I'm still planning to. I haven't had a full need for it, but this year I'm hoping to do a short film (or short films) with some of my friends so I know for that I will need it. I dragged my feet in my Minidisc purchase too, but did finally do it. So don't worry, your advice won't go down in vain.
  21. Hmmm.. been so long I didn't remember. Well, a lot of other forums out there don't automatically subscribe you to forums you post in and send you email alerts when people reply so kudos to minidisc.org for being the leader in this.
  22. Thanks for the comments back cornreaper. Any ideas on what kind of sound the MacBook Pros are capable of recording with their sound cards? (I personally use a 15" 2.2ghz MBP Santa-Rosa and my wife uses a 15" 2.16ghz MBP C2D) I have a Sony Minidisc MZ-RH1 and I usually record stand-up using this unit along with my Soundprofessionals.net's SP-BMC-2 Omnidirectional Stereo Microphones and the SP-SPSB-2 battery mic module. I've posted some sample recordings in this thread I started on recording stand-up: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=15910 One of the suggestions was from Guitarfxr in this post: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?s=&am...st&p=120471 In the event that I wasn't recording with a camera, perhaps I could use his suggestion of using my Hi-MD w/ a lapel mic to get me and using my comp to get the crowd.
  23. Subscribing to a forum emails you when a new topic is posted, not when a reply is posted to a thread within the forum. I disagree with you sector001, I actually like both - to be emailed when a new topic is posted (I am currently subscribed to the Live Recording forum and the Hi-MD forum)... and I like to be emailed updates on threads that I post in. I feel anyone who participates in a forum should set themselves up to be notified when someone posts in threads they have posted in so they can follow up if people come back and ask questions. I wish this forum and other forums set that up by default and let users opt out to be updated via email if they choose. I think many don't know they have this option until later.
  24. I don't see why going with your computer wouldn't work. I think a good recommendation might be getting a lav from http://www.giant-squid-audio-lab.com/. I bought a lav mic from here (though I've yet to use it because the opportunity hasn't presented itself). I got this recommendation from sonyhdvinfo.com, in particular, this thread: http://www.sonyhdvinfo.com/showthread.php?t=5300
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