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MZ-EH50 charging issues

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This may be something really simple, as I know nothing about charger conversions from country to country. My wife and I live in America, and she has an EH-50. Hasn't used it in about a year. Charged it this morning for a few hours, the red light on the side was on, and then it just wouldn't play. We just tried charging it now, and there was no light on. So we took out the disc inside, and then when we put it on the charger the red light blinked for a few seconds and then went off, which leads me to believe it is not currently charging.

As has been stated on the board before, there are no English instructions to be found anywhere. Does anyone know anything about what might be the issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :help:

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Since you live in the US, try visiting your local Target store. Go to the luggage section and you should find a voltage conversion set for around $10. I bought one for my daughter before she went to Europe last summer.

As the wiz says, you may also have to get a new Ni-MH gumstick. Those are available pretty cheaply here.

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