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up for trade....

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I have a Magnavox MVR640 stand-alone dvd burner that I do not need. I've had it for 2 or 3 years and probably have only burned between 30-40 dvds on it. It is like new, with the exception of a couple small blemishes on the top aluminum casing, from having it in my stack of components. The unit allows a signal from any video source to be burned on a dvd+r..(camcorder,televison,camera,vcr,another dvd player,anything) it also will allow varying lengths of record time per disc. I have never had problems with it of any kind whatsoever...I just basically have no interest in video. I have the remote and manual, but not the original box.

So, I am offering it up for trade for any (in good condition) HI-MD deck with an illuminated display or even a decent set of mics that I can use as "back-up" to my primary set of ATs.

Hell....I'd entertain any offer that would involve any type of taping related gear that I could use.

Any questions or offers can be sent to me at nameloc01@yahoo.com or if you have a "Blackberry" nameloc01 (my blackberry IM addy)

Like I said, its a completely solid unit. I just have absolutely no need for it.


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I would think it would probably be fair to expect something around 100-125.00 worth of stuff in trade. I dunno...I think it was almost 300.00 new. I wasn't looking to try to "stick it" to anyone...just thought with all of the other MD guys here, someone would have a deck they'd be interested in trading. I was kinda looking for a used (obviously) M100 or something similar (illuminated display being paramount) which I believe generally go for a similar price.

Its bugging me having this dvd burner just sitting here doing absolutely nothing.

Its actually a really cool unit for recording televison broadcasts (concerts,documentaries,ect) and transferring VHS tapes to dvd.



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