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recovering erased data from Hi-MD

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Yesterday night I recorded a show with my MZ-RH1. Today I did some (succesful) track-splitting on the disc with another Minidisc player (my old MZ-RH10)

and some minutes ago I tried to transfer its content to my pc with SonicStage from the MZ-RH10.

The SonicStage reported some errors during transfer, transfered just 3 tracks and now the whole transfered group

is no longer on my Hi-MD. And neither is it on my PC. On the disk I can just find the two groups I did NOT try

to transfer to PC via SonicStage. The third group seems to have been deleted from the minidisc.

Is there a way to try to recover it?? Please help!!!



p.s. I think that the SonicStage tried to edit/write for some reason the minidisc while transfering tracks to PC, and the MZ-RH10 must've run out of enough power (my mistake!). So I may have lost the whole group while doing that. Is the data still on the minidisc, in some hidden state?

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Can't offer you any help with the current mess.

But I would guess you are using one of the versions of SonicStage before 3.4 , which would viciously and idiotically erase the tracks from your disc if you tried to upload them twice. That limitation was removed in later versions. Update SonicStage as soon as you can, either to 3.4 or 4.2. Search this board for "installer."

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