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Stickers and MDs

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Does anybody here have experience of applying stickers to minidiscs? What methods do you use? Were you successfully able to use the reverse of the disc as well?

I am asking these questions with a view of creating a huge number of MDs including artwork, track info, and so on. I may also need to re-apply stickers if the contents of the MDs change.

I will be applying stickers to the discs themselves and not their cases, at least iniitally.

Any help or ideas appreciated.

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each Blank Md Brand has a slightly different size in the Label area . Sony and Axia , are not the same , TDK also different so you have to measure the labels that come with them ,

Then in a Processing program like NeoOffice , or Open office , where you can make templates , ( MS Word as well , but I am on a Mac)

You make Tables , the size you need and save them as templates , Named according to the type of disc , ( ie: Sony 8o min.template, TDK 74 min.template ) etc

Then open the Template in your program , Drag in artwork for each Table , Layer Titles on top . Print to sticky back Photo quality paper ( Glossy or Not ) cut them out , stick em on .

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