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Sony MZ-M200

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I realize that new ones will run about 349.99 - 399.99 depending on availability (in the USA).

Just wondering how much a Like New condition , very little use can sell for?

Would it be practical to sell on EBay? Craig's list?

I'd put it through the forum in the 300 range and see what happens


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The psychology of eBay is a little strange. A high opening price sometimes prevents people from bidding at all--even if they would then bid higher.

If I were you, I'd sell the Hi-MD blanks separately, maybe in batches of five (leaving three with the MZ-M200) and try a lower starting price for the MZ-M200, with a reserve over $300.

But you're just not going to get the price of a new unit for a used one on eBay. Bidders are always taking a chance on the condition, lack of warranty, etc.

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Not a single bid. Can you believe it? It's a perfectly working MZ-M200 with 13 new 1GB discs and it didn't sell. The starting price was $300. Brand new units sell for way over $300. Oh well.

I bought mini MZ M100 new with a remote 1, 1 gig disc (LOL) and microphone for $500 including the extra warranty... I paid for... CDN almost 3 yrs now? this stuff u have to put for much less. no one knows anything but IPODs and MP3 players,nowadays! im looking for a stand alone recorder.the kind you cant put in your pocket.....

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Hey Gabgar, are you thinking of getting out of minidisc? You seemed so enthusiastic at the old board.

Tom, you are right, I was very enthusiastic and still don't want to sell if I had to decide but sometimes , certain events cause one to rethink what has to change.

In all, I might sell it but still thinking about it (so not truly sure). I have one 1 other unit that I can use in the meantime, the MZ-M200 is the best one which I hardly ever use, thinking it's to fragile to carry around.

Another is how much time I have to spend on listening to music which is now limited (that's what happens when you get married and have kids :rolleyes: )

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Well I know what that's like, I have two kids although is out of the house as a freshman in college, the other is having me take high school chemistry .....again! It seems the great majority of listening I do now is in the car.

Exactly, is the same predicament that I am in. It takes me 1 hour to get to work approximately where I am and that's when I find myself listening to music and or talk shows.

I rarely listen to music at home. I am either outside with the kids bike riding, studying and homework, (they are still in elementary) and also just trying to dedicate the time available to them.

I have a Mac computer (although I been a long time PC user) and just been ripping some CD's in lossless format which sounds pretty good through some nice head phones. We all know about the Iphone and that its DAC is not set up to read the true digital lossless file but knowing this I know that technology will always improve.

Still, every time I look at the MZ-M200, I say no, I can't sell this and NO I don't want to, it's too COOL Looking and just a masterpiece of an electronic gadget. Well, Will see.... :unknw:

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