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Status screen on MZ-DH10P

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When I insert a disc into the DH10P I get a status screen which gives useful information such as number of tracks,total time and frees disc space. This screen displays for barely 3 seconds on my unit which isn't really long enough. Is there a menu option or key combination to recall this disc staus screen as I can't see anything in the settings menus?


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Hi I don't know if you sorted out the status screen problem yet. I have an MZ-DH10P also and can tell you for sure that the screen is supposed to stay on for more than the few seconds you have. I suspect that something is wrong. This definitely doesn't happen with mine. If you add a remote with led display though you could forget the screen and use what info is on the remote. This doesn't fix it but a least it will save on battery life. If you take it to a shop it will more than likely cost more than the device is worth, this I've encountered more than a few times repairing minidiscs. Sorry I can't give any more clarity to you on this:)

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