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I'm trying to help someone at long distance who basically has computer-phobia. I am hoping at least initially to see if I can get him started on SimpleBurner without installing SonicStage first.

As I've never tried it, I wonder if someone can tell me if it is possible. I've run out of machines that are completely free of Sony components.

I was working on the assumption that the SS install would have to be run first (yes, he has a copy of "Ultimate"), but then it occurred to me, maybe not.

Thoughts please?



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I did try it finally: it installed without problem. However there must be something wrong installed (OpenMG version?) because it crashes without trace every time I try to execute it. I think that probably originally it worked without SS, but that the sequence of SS->SB installs ends up with the right selection of support software because the SB install doesn't replace the baseline stuff from the SS install (because the latter is newer).

As I suspected, installing SS on top of it fixed the problem. Sigh. Probably Avrin can tell us how to install only OpenMG of the right version. But for now it doesn't matter that much. I just was hoping it might be simple... but life never is.

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I've already posted a topic about installing SimpleBurner w/o SonicStage, but that was quite some time ago.

What you need to install for SB to work without SonicStage (in that order):

1. OpenMG Secure Module.

2. Personal Audio drivers.

3. SimpleBurner itself.

4. CDDB Security Patch.

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