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Hey otiasj!

With my current database in the player, your plugin simply crashes winamp when I try to open the device...

I have an NW-HD5 with both MP3FileManager and GYM installed.

It happens when I select the <Drive>Network Walkman item in the left tree of the Media Library. No error message is shown, winamp simply closes.

Attached you can zip file with my big index file (04CNTINF.zip). I beleive that there might be something unsual with it, and that you are not predicting all the cases.

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Whenever I use ml_sony to transfer files over to my Sony NW-A3000 mp3 player, it seems to transfer the files over okay however it it crashes winamp after the files have been transferred.

Here is a screen shot of the error displayed:


I am using the latest version of winamp and Windows XP Professional with the latest updates.

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Ok i still have the problem that no database is found on my player after updating some new songs. I had to delete the .dat files and kept 04CNTINF.DAT. deleted 1 song and its ok again.

the log and datfiles are in the attachment.

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i have other problem... when i try to run winamp i see massage "problem with Winamp occured and application will be closed. Sorry for problems" when i click on "more info about error" it shows:

AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcrt.dll

ModVer: 7.0.2600.2180 Offset: 00032a16

when i delete ml_sony plugin it start correctly :/ with version 1.02 i haven'r had this problem...

i've written PM to you with error log

//sorry otiasj i'm going to be away, so i will check forum probably on wednesday at the evening.

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Ok, I will admit now I haven't read all of the posts on this topid, but I have read thef irst 3 pages adn last 3 pages... :unsure: So keep this in mind and please explain why I get this error message when I try play music from my NW-HD1 network player with the MP3 update.

I get "NO DATA BASE FOUND" and then if i scroll through all the menus once and end back at "Artist" list, the artists come up, I guess this is a good thing... I can continue on to the song but when I play the song I gte another error "CANNOT PLAY TRACK ERROR". :sad:

Please help me out, the pugin is for most awesome, and I can see that if you keep it up it will be awesome for all :D Cheers TYz

**Edit** Also I can play the music off my NW-HD1 with winamp and I can see it using explorer.

I just read something about protected and not protected player... I'll have a snoop around but if you have the time or a nice link to give me to explain it would be REALLY handy :D.

Cheers again, TYz

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unfortunately I have the same database error.

When starting with a fresh and clean device (except the data necessary), the first transfer works out great. when I am doing another transfer suddenly the database cannot be found. The music, however, is on the device and playable.

I start getting really crazy - what am I doing wrong or what is the fix?



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The only flaw I'm noticing at this point is that my playlist names seem to be scrambled in the WinAmp Library view... They're all there, and they all display/work properly on the player, but in the Library window the names of the playlists and the tracks they're associated with are mixed up. Not a serious flaw, just a little confusing at first.

Excellent product. Just not horribly easy to use, it seems, from all these complaints. No problems here, though. :) Thanks a ton! SonicStage kept me from using my HD5 for over a year, but now that I can use good old WinAmp v2.95, I'm happy.

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