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Two Questions

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(1) Need to upgrade the OS on my Dell Dimension 4600 from Windows XP to Windows 7. Is SS going to work with this? I don't want to lose the hundreds of discs I haev imported. I import them now to an external HDD...if that means anything.

(2) I noticed that the Simple Burner app seems to have vanished...how do I bring it back?

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We've covered this a few times. However it's easier to answer than for me to go search. I'll be brief, you can go back and look, too.

1. SB will never work on Native W7 (like all NetMD stuff it WILL work in the 32-bit XP subsystem of W7 if you have that, assuming in the first place you got W7/64, not W7/32).

2. I assume you ran the File Conversion tool already. If not, do not pass go, do not collect $200 etc etc etc.

You can reinstall SB but maybe it's lurking on your start programs list rather than where you expect it in the notification tray (I personally get annoyed when ever it leaves itself there and get rid of it).


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Interesting packaging/marketing. I too was in Staples yesterday (I'm in Canada) and I was curious what the so called "full" versions constituted. (I know about Home/Home Premium, Business, Professional and Ultimate, but "Full" was a new designation).

I couldn't determine if it meant that they had both 64 and 32, or the 64-bit version CONTAINING the special "hosted" version of XP-32 that runs under it, or what.

Time for my fingers to take a trip to the Microsoft website....


Ok, so you have to have Pro or Ultimate to get the 32-bit XP subsystem to W64. Home Premium (or worse) doesn't cut it. The subsystem (and Virtual PC needed to run it) are free downloads from MSFT, but can only be applied to the more expensive versions.

As far as "full" goes, I went to Staples website. "Full" is explained there. Presumably you can pick 32 or 64 but not both - and they give you both disks.

I never even considered W64 for any of my computers, one is a server and the rest are too old. But new computers have W7-64 almost without exception.


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