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SI: Sony’s Alpha NEX-3 Digital Camera And Its Many Accessories In Pink

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Sony Japan is releasing a new pink variant of its well-favored Alpha NEX-3 camera in several weeks. The pink version of the camera will be sold in Japan on November 19th along with a slew of accessories we show off below.

The NEX-3 is a fascinating device, one of Sony’s first APS-C interchangable lens compact digital cameras and offers several interesting features. Notable features include 14.2 megapixel sensor, 7fps shooting, HD movies at 720p/30p, 3D Sweep Panorama, Auto HDR, Live View, Tiltable LCD, and a brand new interface different than any of their other cameras.

You really have to try a Sony NEX camera if you haven’t before, as it offers an interesting glimpse into the future of Sony camera technology.

The camera itself is very small and thin, and its amusing to see a large lens attached to it. Despite the appearance of a point-and-shoot, the NEX series gives the owner the ability to use many lenses (E-Mount, but LA-EA1 A-Mount converter is available).


Currently Sony sells White, Black and Red versions of this camera in the USA. It will be interesting to see if the Pink version makes its way around the world. I’m sure the ladies and dandies out there will love it.

Here is a little glimpse at the pink accessories Sony Japan has cooked up that are coming in conjunction with the release of the Pink NEX-3, many of which will work just fine with the NEX-5:


One of the most eye-catching new pink accessories for the NEX is the LCS-EML2A lens cover for E18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. Sony really has gone all out this year with camera accessories, which doesn’t surprise me as I bet they see continued growth the more they experiment.


Then there’s the more general pink case package (LCM-EMA) for the NEX series, which comes with a soft felt pink pouch for lens, pink wrist strap, and hard pink case for the camera.


There’s also an all-encompassing pink accessory package (ACC-FWGA) which has many items, including a spare battery (NP-FW50), Screen Protector (PCK-LS1EM), pink wrapping/protective cloth (LCS-WR2AM), pink wrist strap..and what appears to be a smaller carrying case.


You can’t go on without a pink wrapping/cleaning cloth (LCS-WR2AM) for the NEX, which protects your camera by preventing scratches and so forth.


Can’t forget about the pink leather hard case (LCS-EMB2A) for the NEX-3, which provides great protection for the camera in style. Here’s what a NEX-3 looks like with this case on.


Sony Japan is also offering a dashing pink shoulder strap (STP-XH1) for the NEX series.

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