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SONY MZ-1 Repair

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I bought the SONY MZ-1 not long after it first came out. I am considering getting the unit repaired. I gave up using it many years ago when I experienced a problem of the disc not being read.


After inserting the MD, TOC READING! would be annunciated followed by DISC ERROR.

After searching and reading the forums it appears I might need getting the optical pickup block replaced. I would like to think I could replace the block myself but the service manual describes an apparent lengthy testing and adjustment procedure after installation. I have downloaded the original service manual and subsequent corrections.

Thanks for giving me guidance whether to pay for the repair or sell it. (SONY's first MD player to the consumer market) I have no idea if it holds any value in its current state.

PS The batteries need replacing although I would be happy just using the 10.5 power adapter.

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if i were you i would keep it for parts and just find one on the interwebs. they are on fleabay all the time.

i bought the mz1 when they became available and have had quite a few units.. decks, CD/MD cmobos, the last gen 1gb discs.. but i keep coming back to the SCMS free MZ-1. ive got two of them. both play just as they did on launch day,

unless you have the calibrating equipment required i would say its not worth the time to repair.

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Replace it with another, newer unit for pennies on the original dollar. The MZ-1 is cool, but it's a brick, I would personally not spend any money repairing that unit. I suggest an early MDLP unit like the R900 which can be had for 30 bucks on eBay, far more portable and you'll get a better sound with the newer ATRAC version chip.

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Many thanks for your frank and varied responses. I need to learn up on SCMS. I dont have the required equipment. I have seen the ATRAC comparison table and value your opinion. Agreed it is a cool brick. The build quality from Japan is rare to find these days compared to most audio equipment now coming from China.

I will keep a lookout for classifieds online.



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