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How to use a remote with NW-HD5 set to line out?

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Hey, it's been a long time and I wanted to let everyone know that I have come home (gone back) to ATRAC :good: and its superior sound over MP3, especially in lower bit rates, and I was just wondering, if there is a hack available to defeat the default 'phones out' setting whenever I use my RM-MC40ELK remote with my NW-HD5 :help: (the best damn mass audio player on the planet IMO) so I can use it with a 'line out' with both my FiiO E5 headphone amp and my pairs of full-size headphones, including those ever-hard-to-drive 40-ohm Sony MDR-NC50 noise canceling cans instead of having to use either my earphones or IEM's for louder sound in the default 'phones out' setting whenever using the remote with the HD5, rather than 1) having to use the HD5's onboard buttons, taking the risk of the buttons cracking as the HD5 is notorious for that happening, and 2) having to either piggyback a huge HD5-sized amp or having to use a long cord from the HD5 on my belt to my E5 amp clipped onto my shirt collar.

I hope to hear from ya soon.

Ray Jackson

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