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SonicStage 4.2

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I recently had to re-install everything on my computer, and like an idiot forgot to back up my copy of SonicStage 4.2. I run XP-Pro, and I've always used this useful program. I've been searching online like mad, but havent' come up with much, and 4.3 isn't compatible with anything under Vista. So I was wondering if someone here could please help me out. However, if you guys can find something better (and free), then please let me know. Thanks guys.

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Oh, alright, fair enough. I did find a copy of 4.2 last night though. On that server it took me over an hour at an average of 20K a second, and even for an 82.3MB file that was slow. But I got it and it works. Does 4.3 offer any new functionality over 4.2, or if I just rip the occaisional CD into WAV or mp3 should I just stick with it and not mess around with things? I noticed with my account I can't add files to the software downloads section, but do you think other people here would benefit from having it added to the roster? I saw 4.3 in there already. If you guys want it I can send it in, you just have to let me know where. Anyway, thanks for the info. Just glad I'm stubborn and kept lookng. I found 2 or 3 pages with the same exact link to the old Sony downloads page, but wouldn't you know it that since the pages with the redirects were so old that the Sony page it went to doesn't exist anymore. Shame Sony decided to kill their downloads page, especially the free ones. But this is Sony we're talking about here. Anyway, I've got what I was after. Cheers guys, James.

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AKAIK Sony never had a "real" all-in-one download. That is you first downloaded some program, and it then went to get the rest.

The beauty of what Avrin packaged together (jt's our most popular D/L) is that it's all in one place and the pieces have been quite a bit updated, to fix bugs, improve codecs and so on, especially to make it easy to install over any previous install including 4.3, with no glitches whatever.

So, thanks for the offer, but don't think anyone (except you) actually NEEDS 4.2, so we'll leave things as is. Anyone is welcome to voice their opinion, which they can by adding to this thread.


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It's interesting you say Sony didn't release an all in one doqnload/installer, because the very file I found did used to be on the Sony downloads page, which is now long defunct. And it installed 4.2, as well as Open MG. As far as I can tell it's complete, but if it craps out I'll go to the downloads page and give 4.3 a go.

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