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How long does it take to charge a LIP-4WM battery

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This is what happens. About 1 yr. ago, the battery is not charging, so I assume it's the gold charger stand that is not working. Surprisingly, it's the black adapter. My NH1 is the gold plated 1 from Japan, not the 1 that you guys buy in USA. So my adapter is the Japanese ver. of the charger, that works on 50/60Hz, it:

input AC 100V, 12 VA

Output DC 6V, 800 mA

which is slightly difference than the USA ver. of the adpater.

Now, in the past many years, I bought a US ver., 60Hz adapter, and have been using it until it fails. Then i switch to this Japanese ver. of the adapter, and it seems to charge up the battery in the past 1 yr.

For those who own the US ver. of this adapter, How long does it take for you to charge up an empty LIP-4WM?

On my end, it only took 1 hr. or slightly less. And it seems unusal that it only took 1 hr.

Also, is there a charger that can charge 2 x LIP-4WM at the same time?

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Well you gave the Output mAh (800) but not the capacity of the LIP-4WM. You need to look on the battery to see its capacity in mAh and divide it by the 800mAh charging rate for hours. I.E. a 1600 mAh battery divided by 800mAh rate would be 2 hours to charge from empty.

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According to the MZ-NH1 user manual, 60 minutes for 80% charge. If left in the charging dock for a further 2 hours, the battery is trickle charged up to 100% capacity. I personally have never seen more than 'CHG: 65 mins' on the screen of an NH1. I assume the RH1 takes the same length of time.

The differences in mains adapter should have no effect. And a double charger unit? I know of no external chargers for these batteries, not even for one let alone two.


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I recall seeing some unusual looking external LIP4-MW charger in the past few years, it did host two batteries at one time. It looked very cheaply made and fragile, it was not made with the same quality of the Sony chargers for the NiMH batteries. I saw them on eBay a few years ago.

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Was it Jim or Stephen who had spoken about fake LIP-4WM batteries recently ? I checked all my MD portable units collection recently and took time to control my LIP-4WMs power level. Two of them were difficult to introduce inside my two RH1(numbered 3 and 4, the thin ones 0 and 1). Then I remembered suddenly that it was the trick to recognized fake ones, the thickness. No surprise anyway, a friend of mine brought back to me those two LIP-4WM two years ago from Hong Kong.

Azureal : i got the third one in vietnam for 2$, never succeeded to charge a LIP-4WM (but all is writen in chinese so maybe i forgot to do something)

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