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sony QS uk / Europe model

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Can anyone confirm the technical difference/sound diffence between the Sony uk model 940 QS red badge and the QS 940 European model

the cost difference between the two was £50 extra for the uk model at launch in the uk

I have both and they sound the same and look the same minus the red badge and copper screws on the European model

I was always suspicious of this practise as was my main dealer who has specialized in top hi fi for the past 40 years

thanks for any clarification

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Thanks Joanne :imsohappy: i think it must be marketing hype as how could a company know that we have the best in hearing ? and the rest of the EU don't or didn't care

sony were always leading throughout the eighties /nineties but they always seamed to get stuck in how their business should move forward

They seamed to cripple the MiniDisc players in one way or another got side tracked on the betamax format brought a DAT out which no one could afford and in general lost their way and today their tv area of expertise is losing money

What they should be doing is making a small number of MiniDisc players and recorders as they do in japan and not just blindly following apple the world does not revolve around apple and it's about time that sony stuck to it's Japanese roots instead of playing second fiddle to apple whose products look good but seldom live long enough to tell a tale other then an expensive one for many people woirldwide

I am curious, maybe somebody will answer

i hope so to Philippe

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