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Wanted: MZ-NH900 Black

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It's the digital amp on the NH900 that makes the real difference, compared to the (RH)710 and RH10/910. As you say, crisper and cleaner, although I can tweak the EQ of the latter to sound more than acceptable with my Sennheiser earphones.

In general though think all the 2nd generation Hi-MD recorders were pretty lacklustre sounding compared to the first generation, including the non-digitally amped (I think) NH700/NHF800, and of course the RH1. The black RH710 is a very nice looking unit though, and sounds OK.

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Hi. I do have one of these in stock, but I had not planned on selling it yet as the rear case is somewhat scuffed, and the inner box was damaged by the previous user (I assume they didn't have the patience to pack everything properly, so just ripped off the 'excess' cardboard - I have seen it done so many times). Ideally I would have waited for a better remote control too, with less wear, before listing it on eBay UK.

Are you after the whole package, or just the recorder? I have the complete thing here, albeit with the few problems I have stated, but it won't come cheap. I had planned, once titivated and refurbed to my usual standards, for at least 150.00 GBP - which is around $250.00 at current conversion rates. The unit on its own, without adapter (it is UK voltage), cradle, USB and optical cables, remote, discs etc? - I have not yet thought about price to be honest.

Are you interested? I can provide photos. Send me a PM is you are.


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