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sonicstage back up does not ask for other discs

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hello, I had a sony nwhd5 long story short ive gone threw 2 or 3 over the years. I no longer have the computer with the original content stored on it and i no longer have the player itself.(and they now are impossible to find) however i made back up discs on dvd+r's some years ago. I now have a new computer and would like to import the back up discs to the computer to save time from adding the 800+ albums again one at a time. The problem i am having is when i use the sonicstage backup tool it accepts the first disc perfectly fine but after its done with the first it does not prompt to add the next disc and says its finished and closes down. I have tryed reopening it and trying it again then starting with the second disc and it asks for the first again. It will again accept the first disc but the backup tool finishes after disc 1 and cloeses every time. any help would be greatly appresheated

Thank you in advance!

other info that might help

currently running windows 7 home

using sonicstage cp 4.3

im having the same problem with 2 different sets of backup discs from 2 different occasions, so i dont think its something wrong with the discs themselfs but who knows

thanks again in advance for any help

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Is it possible to manually copy the contents of all disks from a given backup set into a single directory on your hard drive and then initiate the backup from that location?

I have only ever made backups to a location on a single large drive. It is worth a try.

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I right clicked the individual discs and tryed copy, cut and send to to try to extract the infro from the dvd+r's to the PC but i get diffenct messages, depending on what option i chose, saying that some files are read only or that they just cant be moved. Is there a better way to extract the files so that i can have them all in one place for when i use the back up tool?

Also when I put the restored the first disc in it gave me a list of all the albums that i have on the Dvd+r's when i opened sonicstage after but they wont play. The early alphabet(a-c) are giving me the (0002460-2100) Lisencing message and the latter (d-z) are saying the tracks cant be found. I am hoping i am getting the lisencing message because all the discs were not restored and only the one otherwise from what ive read this sounds like its becoming hopeless? any other advice? Thanks for the help

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I still suggest that if you can get all of the files from every backup DVD you have for one specific backup into the same directory on one hard drive you should be able to do a restore from that location.

I suppose it is possible that Sony specifically made coping all files from a backup DVD onto a hard-drive impossible, it would not surprise me.

I also imagine that some of the data contained on the initial disk includes a record of all backed up data on all disks, this is why you are seeing details for some items that are not being restored from later disks in your backup. After the entire backup is restored, I suspect that the entire data set is authorized after the final disk is restored.

Is there a chance you created the back up in a different version of SonicStage than the one you are using to restore with?

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Ill try again to get all the data from the backup dvds to the harddrive. is there a program i should use to do so or just basically drag and drop from the dvd drive to the hard drive?

I am currently using sonicstage cp 4.3 for the restore I am not completely sure what version i was using when the back up was made, The backup disks are from 2008. i can only assume i was using the current version of the time, or close to it.

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Windows Explorer should work, although whenever it has a problem it tends to just bail.

I might suggest using a command prompt and the DOS command xcopy to perform the copy. You can run it in a verify mode where is validates that every file copied to the destination matches the file at the source. It tends to be less finicky with copies as well.

There is an even better command line copy app called robocopy, it was part of the Microsoft NT Resource Kit, you should be able to find it on the internet.

You'll have to do some reading on the usage of either app.

xcopy /?

xcopy DVD:backup*.* C:temp. /E/V/F/G/H/Y/J

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  • 9 months later...

I am trying to back up a large quantity of recordings with the backup tool.

I get to the section where I tick the "Removable media" button as it is going onto an external hard drive.

What should I enter for the backup destination. It is F:| obviously but it does not recognise this folder, The hard drive is plugged in and it is working.

Thanks for any help.

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