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alright, I know it may sound boring, but I can't fix this..

I'm trying to connect a Md player to my Pc via RCA male 1.5 cable.

One end into headphone's socket of the MD unit and the other on Line In of my laptop (not the microphone socket). I tried to configure Audacity to transfer live recordings from Md to my Pc but nothing happens, just noise and noise, no music at all.

Any other settings to be checked maybe? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also, even if my laptop is very new and up to date it doesn't have any optical socket, should I try to look for an additional soundcard which can be put in a USB port, or something else similar?

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We're going to need a bit more of information to help you better. First, what's the model of your MiniDisc? Second, can you record using the line in using other devices? Third, what's your OS? Have you enabled the Line-in as a recording device in the sound control panel? (Screenshots may help)

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