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Is it possible to set up Audacity to rip stuff recorded on the NZ505

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I have the NZ 505 MD player and have stuff on minidisc recorded years ago that I would like to rip to a new computer and make mp3/wav copies. At the moment I can listen to the songs but Audacity software doesnt record the songs as the msuic plays through the MDs headphones and not the computer with Sonicstage. Is there a way round this?

Thanks and apologies if this is answered somewhere on the forum, but I haven't found it if it is.

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you need to get a cable with 3.5mm jack on both ends, you can get them as cheaply as from poundland and they work great (unless you aren't from the UK, they are also cheap online; Amazon and eBay just search for "3.5 to 3.5 jack" - the first Amazon result gave my 35 pence hahah)

Then you plug one end into the headphone socket of the MiniDisc unit and the other into your computers "Line In" socket (blue in colour I believe?)

You can also plug it into the pink socket (the microphone one) but I don't know if this is susceptible to more noise, I generally prefer to use the Line In.

Then its just a case of checking that Audacity picks it up, and you can start recording song.

My knowledge of Audacity isn't brilliant, I use other DAW's but if it has a way for you to "monitor" what you are recording, then enable this, since it will let you hear whats going on.

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