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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All So, I have 2 machines side by side - one, a venerable XP item, the other a W10. The XP machine is running SS 1.5 and the W10 4.3. Here's the question - in 1.5 I can import a CD and transfer to an MD at the same time, but in 4.3 it looks like I have to import the CD to 'My Library' first and then transfer to an MD in a separate operation - which seems a bit retrograde and definitely more time consuming...unless I'm missing a setting somewhere? Any tips much appreciated. Simon.
  2. I've not this has been asked countless times before but on reading different previous posts I'm getting confused. If I have some NetMD LP2 and LP4 recordings, what is the best settings to use when transferring them from my RH1 to and laptop? What about SP recordings? I'm sure I read that true SP cannot be transferred due to licencing issues. Once I have them on my laptop, what is the best way to archive them without DRM, without any further loss of quality? I'm sure someone suggest OMA files but do they have DRM? or can the FLC software remove the DRM? If my laptop crashed whilst doing the transfer, would it cause issues at all with the minidisc that's being transferred? Finally I've read people have had issues with bits of previous tracks appearing at the start of next ones. Am I likely to encounter this when transfering live recordings. Should I simply remove all my track marks to resolve this? If I remove track marks, is it fairly stable or could I encounter corruption? It's a long time since I last did any HiMD transfers. Some of the recordings I'm doing are mic live recordings. Others will be via digital out of a radio. If there is a guide anyway, please could someone share it. Many thanks
  3. Hello!!!!!!!!!! I know this is all about minidisc on SONY INSIDER but I want to break off a little to discuss Sharp portables. If anyone wishes to contribute to this it would be freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of in a rush right now while I am starting this thread, so I will post my info, reviews, and my opinions of them. "Sharp only" features and Sharp vs. Sony is a perfect example of my goal/approach for this topic. Participation would be really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch y'all later fellow MD-Junkies!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello, I would like to transfer my old md's (mono, lp2, stereo, about 100) in the best possible way to preserve them for the future. This has to be done once, in the best possible way. The recordings are liveshows. I bought a Sony MZ-RH1 for this purpose and installed the following drivers and SS. Win 7 & 8 64-bit Driver: http://proudofmylife.net/md/sony-net-... Sonic Stage 4.3: http://proudofmylife.net/md/ss43.zip Installed it last night and it all seems to work. Few questions: 1. I tried one MD and noticed a problem. Most discs have trackmarks. In SS I can select all tracks and transfer them seperatly, but I would like to have only one file (preferrably before I do the transfer.) What is the best thing to do right now? I own a standalone deck too, btw. - Remove all marks with the standalone deck by hand? - Transfer all and combine stuff later? (if so, is SS good enough or is Wavelab, for example better?), i want it seamsless (ofcourse), without losing one bit. 2. The goal is to have the recordings on harddrive just as they are on the minidisc (for the archive). So, in its original atrac format. Besides that I want a working/listen version of the recording (in FLAC). SS gives my the opportunity to convert the orginal to WAV. Is there a reason to let SS do the conversion (after the transfer) in favour of a program like Wavlab? Or would it even better to convert from the original to FLAC directly? Any suggestion on this part? This forum has helped me a lot with information before in this transferproject, but some advice at this point would be nice. Grts, Popmarter
  5. Hi Folks, I have a question about SonicStage. I have avoided SonicStage for years for multiple reasons. I've always tried to use SimpleBurner only. I dislike having to keep any sort of library of my tracks in digital form on my computer. I enjoyed the simplicity of CD-->MD. Using SimpleBurner worked great for years, while my music collection was solely on CD. However, I find now that I have more and more music in non-CD format (downloaded podcasts, MP3 collections, etc., tracks on USB voice recorders) that I need to get on MD, SimpleBurner isn't enough. I need something that will allow me to get an mp3 on my NetMD portable (yes, I know, it must be transcoded to ATRAC, but that's okay). So, I've just installed SonicStage 4.3. However, I still do not want to have to keep copies of the songs I transfer in SonicStage's library on my laptop's hard drive. Is there any way to get SonicStage to behave as a simple facilitator of transfers WITHOUT having it store a copy of the audio file on my laptop's hard drive? Really, what I would love, is something as simple as SimpleBurner that also handles MP3s, wavs, etc. Sounds like the LinuxMinidisc project will eventually do something like this, but if it is ever done it will probably be years from now. Any suggestions for doing what I want to do in SonicStage? Also, is that check-in, check-out nonsense now gone from SonicStage 4.3? I hated it when I couldn't manually delete a song from a Minidisc because it had been transferred under SonicStage and now said "PROTECTED". Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have the NZ 505 MD player and have stuff on minidisc recorded years ago that I would like to rip to a new computer and make mp3/wav copies. At the moment I can listen to the songs but Audacity software doesnt record the songs as the msuic plays through the MDs headphones and not the computer with Sonicstage. Is there a way round this? Thanks and apologies if this is answered somewhere on the forum, but I haven't found it if it is.
  7. Hello friends, Has anyone noticed the striking crappiness of MP3 files transferred "as-is" to a HI-MD? Meaning rather than converting the MP3 file to Atrac3Plus, the RH-10 can transfer MP3's with no conversion and play them back. I am confused as to why the native format of an MP3 file sounds horrible compared to the same file converted to a different format? An MP3 converted while transferring to the HI-MD Atrac3Plus 352kbps sounds amazing compared to if you just simply transferred the MP3. I don't understand why, it makes no sense to me that it would sound better as the originating file is the MP3. I'm assuming it has something to do with the playback on the MD unit (using an RH-10 for the comparison) Can anyone enlighten me? Input is appreciated! Thanks, Sean
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