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bookshelf minidisc system repairer in Middlesex/Surrey/London?

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My elderly father has an elderly Sony DHC-ZX50MD which he has been in love with - but is devastated that it keeps erasing some of his minidiscs.

Can anyone recommend a repairer around Middlesex/Surrey/London where he can take it to be looked at?

Or at this stage do you think there's no point as it's too old and I should try and get him another second hand but younger system. He's too stuck in his ways to learn how to use a new system really - and at his age.

It's too big obviously to post

many thanks in anticipation of a reply.

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Probably Jim Hoggarth could fix the disk drive but someone needs to take it out of the main unit. He's here on the board, watch for a response.

Yes, I'd go for a "brand new" unit. See if you can find a CMT-M333NT (or -M373NT, same thing), or a CHC-CL5MD on Ebay. The former takes 1 CD but has the very latest (last) MD reproduction. The latter takes 3 CD's (your Dad's has 5!) but is of a similar generation to the ZX50MD.

Some ideas from Ebay UK:



(this one requires collection from Northampton but is an excellent deal, presumed working!)


(same model as previous, location Basildon)


(another one in Slough)


(Another in Beckenham)


( bit closer, Fleet isn't too far from London)


(this is what he really wants but it's in Lancs.)

A final word of warning.... most likely your Dad will have some recordings made in long play (MDLP), since his dead unit supports that. So you should be very careful looking at the specs to make sure the unit is MDLP-capable.

All here: http://minidisc.org/part_Bookshelf_Sony.html

The units on this list are roughly in order of date (newest first). So anything made after CMT-PX5 (ie below it in the document) will likely be MDLP. You should check, nonetheless.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your reply Inquisitor - I'd ticked the 'follow this topic' box assuming I'd be emailed re any further posts but as that didn't happen i supposed that no-one had replied. So i've missed those on ebay but will look at the models you recommended. You're damn right he loves MDLP ! You have been very very helpful

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I can see your e-mail is at yahoo, being admin. Unfortunately they have absolutely the worst reputation for completely discarding people's valid email based on originating email address.

Unless there was some other problem, such as your own filtering or some strange default in the forum software, it seems probable that it was sent out and either discarded or hidden in some spam or junk folder that they don't tell you about.

For my money this is the big reason to pay for real email service. That and the fact that all the "cloud" providers who don't charge are subject to snooping by big business and government.

For the record the model I found most of was the CMT-M100MD. This was never sold in North America and really isn't on the radar except in the UK and Oz.

Good luck with the purchase!

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