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MiniDisc logo is really fantastic!

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Hi. Everyone.

Recently. My Korean minidisc community have a great project about metal sticker.

We want to make metal sticker using the minidisc logo. So, we make a vector picture

file and order some company. And Today. I received it!! (^^*) It's really beautiful.

In addition, it's really amazing price. We have ordered 4300 metal sticker, and

It's price is just $350. How do you think about it? Isn't it great?(^^*) I'll use

these stickers on the my RMP media..(^^*) I attach the gold on the front and silver on the back.

In Korea, some users are really love and enjoy their minidisc life. And

We love all of minidisc uesrs in the world..(^^*) Thank you.Thank you again.

I really like this forum cause of many minidisc users are still using the minidisc.








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can I buy from you?

Have a nice day


Dear. Sescoscuba.

Thank you for your kindness reply..(^^*) Unfortunately, I have a little amount of them..(^^*) And,

shipping cost is more high than produce price..(^^*) I think some metal sticker company is located

in your country. Maybe if you have visit the korea someday, I will prepare for you.(^^*) Thanks

Yes, they look great. I would buy some too and I am sure that others would too.

Thank you for your comment, TerpGT. We also suprised its beautiful and fantastic. Our Korean community members are satisfied this project.

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