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Sonicstage Library Printout ?

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I have had Sonicstage for a long time and currently have roughly 25,000 different tunes on it, ranging from checked in Cd's to my own compositions and performances. It's perfect for cataloging my collection.

My question is; is there anyway to generate a printout/list of all the albums I have checked in, with or without album art covers printed as well? I am now at the point that I can't remember when I walk into a store if I have previously purchased a cd or not! I guess that comes with middle age, but I'd like to prevent that from happening again. :fool: I'd like to have a list with me that I can take shopping so I can quickly refer to it moving forward.

Can this be done? Thanks!

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I know SonicStage stores it's library details in an mdb Access database file. I don't know if it's locked or not, meaning it may not be possible to open it at will from outside of the application itself, if it is possible, one could open it with Access or any small application which was developed to open, read and query the database file.

I'll have a closer look at this later. It is possible someone has already done this and there may already be a tool out there for this purpose but if there is not, I need a good winter project! :-)

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So, the SonicStage database file is freely usable and I can open it and query it manually (or a copy of it). It should be a pretty trivial task to write a small application to query the file and generate a few reports of the library contents.

I'll work on it over the next few days.

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Quick update, the database is indeed in an Access db file and is not locked. I spent a couple of hours last night playing with it, I can query it from Visual Studio and list all Artists and Albums in my library. I should have a beta tool to use for generating a printable list n a day or two.

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