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A need to convert all my music files on my damaged sony player(.oma) to mp3 for my new player.

i have a backup copy on the pc and was told to use Sonic stage to convert to a wav file and the use Audacity to convert to mp3

On my copy of Sonic Stage the option to save as a wav file is greyed out.

I would like a quick way to do this as I have over five thousand tracks



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Forget the advice. I'm not sure why it's greyed out. Some questions:

a. Can you PLAY these tracks in Sonic Stage, or ANY tracks (even some fresh ones you add now), on the PC?

b. Is the NW-A3000 completely dead, or was it alive enough to transfer the music from it? (maybe they were already on the PC from before you transferred them to the device).

c. If the answer to b was "alive", can you play a track that's still on the device? (the track and album should both light up green as you do this, and the sound should come from your PC speakers).

There's a program called MP3CONVERSIONTOOL.EXE (I used capitals because that is, literally, the name of the file).

If you look under the menu item for SonicStage, you should find a link to it. I think it will do what you want. Be sure to pick the output bit rate (for MP3) which suits you best.

A final thought about what's going on : it may be that transferred tracks FROM the NW-A3000 cannot be converted. In this case you need to go back to the original copies of the files BEFORE you put them on the walkman.

Whether MP3CONVERSIONTOOL.EXE will fix this, I don't know. But it works fairly smoothly, provided you don't have any super long filenames (Windows has a limit for filename length). If you run into this, change the destination for converted files to be something short-named, eg c:music, rather than something like "C:Documents and Settings<your username>My DocumentsSonyConverted filesmusic". I hope you understand what I mean here, come back to us if you're still stuck.

Good luck.

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