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Using deck and studio monitors

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So I have a set of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/M-Audio-BX5-D2-Powered-Monitor/dp/B005F3H6Q8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1413879609&sr=8-2&keywords=bx5


(What a bargain they are at the moment!)


The monitors only have a balanced XLR or 1/4" jack input. 


I'm looking for a suggestion on the best (and best sounding) way to get my JB-980 connected up to them? I can't seem to find a balanced 2xRCA to XLR cable.

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Those M-Audio BX5 D2 have professionnal connectors, XLR and TSR, so best thing to do is to get

- 2 adaptators RCA to XLR if you don't find that RCA to XLR cables

- or if you have a lot of money, a pre-amp with optical in and XLR out, or better a very expensive DAC like Naim :lol2: .

- if the TSR accept a classic audio jack, a minijack to minijak / adaptator (with your headphone accessories set) is Ok also. 

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they seem to have 2  phono plugs per xlr? u want just one per xlr? one for each  speaker? your ones seem to be a "stereo"?!? I dont know how that plug works.


 some thing like this ?




but u need to spend a bit of money for some good cable?



or 2 of these -




I would  prob go for them, as the  cable with yours or the one above prob not much good?


by the way this sort of thing can be got from Maplins, if u have a store near you - will cost a bit more though.

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