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Speed solution for NW-A3000 via Diskeeper

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Hi there,

Just to let anyone with a bogged-down NW-A3000 know, mine is about 60% full (nearly all tracks are 192kb Atrac3+) and I found that although not as slow as other's have said their units are, it was a lot slower than when I originally bought it back in January. I use firmware v 3.0 and I didn't get on with Sonicstage CP so I am using v 3.4.

Anyway, I have tried to defrag it using the Win XP defragger, which made it a little faster, however, I then thought I would try a defragger which was a stand-alone program (these are usually better than the programs built into Win XP, eg Registry Cleaner).

I went to www.download.com and tried Diskeeper 10 on a free trial (you need only defrag the machine once) and it made an INCREDIBLE difference! The unit is faster now than ever. I ddn't try any other programs, so I don't know if they would perform better or worse than the one above, but I am very happy with the result.

The only problem with Diskeeper 10 compared to Win XP defrag is that it takes AGES to complete!

Hope this helps,


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Hey I'm just doing it just now so hopefully I will see a difference (although it wasn't especially slow before, I want it slicker :D).

Mr. Crowley - Install the program as you normally would any other program. Then proceed to load it up, just cancel all the boxes that ask you to buy it. Make sure your NW-A3000 is plugged in. It should show up as a hard drive in the main window (along with your other ones that you have in your PC). It will be the one that is 18, 637 MB (or something similar to that size). You then select it, and click the defragment button just below the list of hard drives. Then it proceeds to defrag very slowly so just leave it be for a few hours and when it is done, safely remove hardware as you normally would do and boom boom - you had an even slicker Walkman.

Hope that helps - if you're still stuck just ask again and i'll try and be more clear :P

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I agree with you there, mine is almost totally filled up and it barely made a difference. Although tbh it wasn't that sluggish to begin with.

I think it stands to reason though: if you transfer files and delete, etc. all the time instead of putting all your music on in one go - its going to start running slowly (any hard drive would). Its best just to do it all in batch transfers.

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Hi, guys! I've defraged my player with diskeeper, and it's working great now. Mind you, there were no defrags prior to that, so I don't actually know if it's better than the Windows defragmenter. But I've came to a problem after the defrag - there are minor changes in the track order in some albums. Has anyone else noticed this? For instance, if the song "A" was the first song in an album before the defrag, now it's seventh or eighth. There aren't very big changes, only a song or two have changed their place, but it's still enough. So, now in order to get the track order in place I have to delete the album and upload it again to the device, which renders the whole defragmenting useless, because the hdd wil get fragmented again. I'm a sucker for correct track and album order and it's the only thing that really bugs me with this player.

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