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Need Help with Installing Sonic Stage on Windows 8.1

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I'm attempting to install Sonic Stage Ultimate v.2. on Windows 8.1 on a brand new computer.  I am completely new to Windows 8.1, favorite old system is running WXPSP3.


For the setup, I'm using compatibility mode for Windows XP v.3. and running as administrator.


Then I set omgjbox also to run in compatibility mode and admin.


Everything seems to install (no error messages) except when I rebooted, and run omgjbox,exe I get the message "Cannot find the Open MG Secure Module.  Exiting Sonic Stage. 00005607.


[edit] something I did worked, see below.

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Okay, I got this working.  I tried to install, and then uninstall 4 or 5 times.  I used the Windows 8.1 Add/remove programs to do the uninstall each time.


When I did this (5th iteration of different ideas) SS loaded.  I am assuming all is well but haven't transferred a track yet.


First, I took the Sonic Stage Ultimate v.2 from this forum and extracted it manually with 7Zip.  Then I went to each of the setup.exe files, as well as setupss.exe and used the "properties" to make them all run as administrator. After reboot, I made sure to set omgjbox.exe to run in Windows XPSP3 compatibility mode, and as administrator.


After I did that, Sonic Stage loads up. 

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DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT run in compatibility box. It will be more trouble than it is worth.


Except for NetMD drivers, which you must install separately for each device, you are good to go with SSUV2 on Windows64.


I thought Sony removed Sonic Stage download because it cannot run in even Win7 or Win8.  Can it really install in 8.1 without any tricks and run just as well as under XP?  Confused.


At this point I am wondering what kind of trouble you think would come from compatibility mode, and is it worth uninstalling and reinstalling again?


Why do I need the Net MD drivers?  I tried to install them and Win 8.1 absolutely refuses to use them.  Says I already have the right driver and won't change.  Is it because I have Hi-MD only? 



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1. It runs fine

2. U must install 64-bit drivers as most people have 64-bit windows now, the install is for 32-bits.

3. Every HiMD unit is at least capable of being in NetMD mode. The moment you trick it into NetMD, your PC may crash, unless you have the NetMD drivers installed. It is as well to be prepared. Note that Windows will consider these drivers (on the site) to be unsigned, so you must turn off signing enforcement for long enough to get installation done. There are lots of posts on here about that. Just look for Windows 8 (using google please, the non-google search engine here is poor).

4. The ones it will not update are the HiMD drivers which are native to Windows.


Yes you should probably start over. USB drivers in the XP box are notoriously unreliable. Nothing to be done, sort of like using a glove box in a chemistry lab, very hard to keep control of your fingers, if you take the metaphor.


Good luck.

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